Salman Rashid Charged With Allegedly Plotting ISIS Attacks In America After Getting Expelled From College

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Florida resident Salman Rashid is in some serious trouble with the federal government.

According to the Washington Post, Rashid allegedly met with FBI contacts posing as ISIS members to plot attacks against two colleges in Florida. The reason why? He felt “humiliated” after he was suspended from Miami Dade College and later expelled from Broward College. Rashid was charged with soliciting another person to commit a crime of violence. The charge carries up to a 20 year sentence if he’s convicted.

The lengthy details of the allegations, which can be found here. He’s accused of sending threatening and disturbing messages to a female classmate and that might be the least of the issues. The real problems started when he called for the overthrow of democracy on his Facebook, and then actually tried to put those plans into play. (RELATED: Watching ‘Band Of Brothers‘ Never Gets Old. Here’s Why It’s Such A Great Series)

Luckily, the federal authorities got him into custody before he could carry out any of his whack job plans, which at one point allegedly included trying to attack a “religious building or a nightclub.”

Look, there are a lot of ways to react to getting thrown out of college. You could go down to the bar and drink yourself unconscious, you could take a booze fueled vacation or you could start looking for a job to make some money.

You know what you don’t try to do? You don’t try to plot terrorist attacks with ISIS members who are really just FBI contacts.

Isn’t the whole point of college to meet women, relax, have a good time and party? You know where you can’t meet women?

Federal maximum security lockup. Trust me, there aren’t going to be any bikini-clad women looking to party like it’s college in the federal pen.

I can guarantee you of that much.

Imagine going from being in the warm weather of Florida with a beer in your hand to finding yourself in a federal prison cell. How much worse could it get?

Finally, WaPo reported that the FBI allegedly contacted this dude by simply messaging him on FB. How dumb do you have to be in order to believe ISIS is just DMing people on Facebook to help plot terrorist attacks?

The level of delusion you’d need to believe the guy on your computer messaging you is an actual ISIS contact is some next level stuff.

To paraphrase American icon Kenny Powers, next time you find yourself plotting an ISIS attack over college issues, I suggest you “take a beer and shut the f**k up.”

I sure hope Rashid has good lawyers. It sounds like he’s going to need them.