40″ Smart TV under $100 At Walmart. Walmart Stores Should Be Open Now Or Soon!


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Walmart’s Black Friday Sale begins in less than an hour at 6:00pm their stores will open their doors. They also have a Black Friday  map on their website to help you find what you are searching for faster in store. Walmart will have the 40″ Onn Ruku Smart Tv on sale in store only for $98. This Tv comes with access to over 500,000 movies and tv series through both free and paid services.

The Onn Smart Tv comes with a mobile app you can use for voice commands. In addition, it has a headphone jack for private listening, for this late night’s when you do not want to disturb those sleeping in the house and lastly you can also cast to this Tv  from other devices.

Onn also provides customers with toll free support at 844-334-2355 or online at www.onntvsupport.com (Photo via Walmart)

Onn also provides customers with toll free support at 844-334-2355 or online at www.onntvsupport.com (Photo via Walmart)

Get the Onn Smart TV for Black Friday Prices at your closest Walmart 

The Onn Smart Tv is rate 4.4 our of 5 from 49 customers based on the Walmart website. Customer gushed over this Tv while basically just stating its features, ” The Smart Tv is made by ONN FHD Smart Tv. This tv measures at thirty nine and half(39.5) diagnol size. This tv isa Roku tv or smart tv. This tv is black in color. This tv has three HDMI inputs This tv is a sixty(60) HZ refresh rate. This tv has one thousand and eighty P(1080P) for resolution. Handle tv by the tv it self,not by the screen it may crack. This tv is a forty inch(40 inches) tv. This tv has wireless streaming. This tv comes with a free app for your cell phone, to control volume or changing channels. This tv comes loaded with Roku channels and plays Movies, Tv shows. This tv comes with one composite, one USB, one Optical, one Coaxial Cable, one Headphone Jacks built into this tv. This tv is a LED tv.” While the user clearly used “This TV” alot, the number of features lined up together is certainly impressive.

“This tv has alot of streaming channels to choose from. Smart Tv has a clear picture with vibrant colors.” While another had this to say, ” I was excited at first seeing all the goodies this tv can provide and that I didn’t have to get help to carry it . Once opened that changed. The instructions are written tiny and in a light color, on reflective paper, very hard to read. Set up requires you to register before you can even see or here the tv. After several failed tries with the system saying problem but not showing which info was the problem, I got to the NEXT page and it asked for a credit card, stating it is just to have on file for my future use. All this before I even know if I like the sound or picture. Nope! I don’t know who thought this was a good idea.”

Update: I went to Walmart and purchased the Onn 40″ Smart Tv, I was easy to setup, 10 minutes or less. The instructions are simple and intuitive. The booklet, font color and size are not great, but you can squint and read it or google the instructions. If you do not have a Roku account it will ask you to create one , which will also prompt you to enter a credit card for future rentals and purchases, however, this is completely optional. I skipped that step and selected the services I was interested in and the Tv updated in 2-3 minutes. In addition, mirror my smartphone to the tv and it worked great. My one complaint is that the remote is very fickle, you have to point it towards the red light on the tv, with no obstructions in the way for the remote to function effectively.

This is just a few of the reviews, but most people said setup took 10 minutes or so and that the Onn Roku Smart Tv is a great purchase for those on a budget. Happy Black Friday Shopping!

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