WHITE: Let’s Thank God For Giving America A Fighter

Bill White Constellations Group
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In this holiday of expressing gratitude, one would be remiss in not giving thanks to the man who doesn’t hear it as much as he should.

He’s a fighter who is constantly “resisted” for fabricated reasons that boil down to resentment and lack of respect. We see this from our media, disgruntled former employees and bitter 2016 losers. This is the perfect time of year for us to focus on the positives instead. And when you take a deep breath, it’s easy to do.

Let’s all give thanks to president for giving us an economy that allows more travelers on the road and turkeys on the table. We should all be able to agree that President Trump is the strongest and most effective commander in chief of our generation. Under his leadership, our military has been rebuilt; NATO partners have been pressured to pay their fair share; an effective border wall is being built; veterans have more choices; backstabbing Pentagon bureaucrats are being thrown out; and unnecessary wars is being avoided thanks to diplomacy with North Korea, Turkey, Iran and others.

No one loves and respects our veterans more than President Trump. This was on full display at the 100th Veterans Day Parade in New York City, where Trump became the first sitting president to attend.

Thank you, President Trump, for honoring your role and sacred oath as the nation’s commander in chief. You did this when you weighed in to right the wrongs perpetrated upon one of our special forces’ warriors. In speaking to good men up and down the chain of command in the Navy SEAL community, I heard about Eddie Gallagher’s heroism, patriotism and willingness to give his last full measure of devotion for all of us.

Remember, Gallagher — who was charged for war crimes after killing a member of the Islamic State — is the same man who was vindicated by a jury of his peers. Unfortunately, he still received pre-trial imprisonment — eight months, where he served with sex offenders. The Navy’s investigators and prosecutors spied on his attorneys, hid evidence from his defense team, and dragged his two young children into the street at gunpoint.

Fortunately, Gallagher is able to spend this Thanksgiving with his family thanks to Trump’s intervention.

Military leaders and veterans across the nation have sounded off, and they are grateful to know that their commander in chief and secretary of defense will not permit abuses. If our warriors have ever questioned whether their commander in chief is there for them, they received a resounding “Yes.” That is something to celebrate. Those who think otherwise may not care to understand how our military works.

As Trump said in his order to military leaders, “Get back to business.” Stop prosecutorial terrorism and get back to fighting terrorists. That will most certainly help to preserve our peace and prosperity.

Freedom is not free, as our president and first lady witnessed at Dover Air Force Base this week. They reverently saluted the casket of man who gave his life for our freedoms as he was returned home to his family. These brave men and women fight and win for us every day. Thank God for them.

And thank God we have a commander in chief who in turn fights for them every day. They know President Trump is a fighter and that he is in their corner.

Happy Thanksgiving to our troops and their families. Thank YOU for our freedom!

Bill White (@BillWhiteNY) is the CEO of Constellations Group and is widely recognized as one of the nation’s foremost advocates for military, veterans, first responders, and their families. White has raised over $1.5 billion for these heroes and is a respected businessman and philanthropist.

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