Tucker Carlson And Mark Steyn Mock Biden’s ‘No Malarkey’ Tour, Suggest Alternate Slogans

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn spent some time Monday mocking former Vice President Joe Biden’s recently-launched “No Malarkey” tour in Iowa.

Steyn, a regular guest on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was responding to Biden’s attempted rebranding coupled with an older video — in which Biden discussed leg hair and children “jumping in his lap” — that resurfaced and went viral over the weekend.


“No Malarkey! The kids will love it!” Carlson was still laughing about Biden’s choice of slogan as he introduced his guest, and Steyn jumped right onboard. (RELATED: ‘Why Does Tucker Carlson Have A Job?’ DNC Vice Chair Interrupts His Own Fox News Appearance To Bash Network)

“He paid some fancy millennial consultant $30 million to come up with that slogan, it’s fantastic,” Steyn began. “But they did focus groups on other ones, Tucker. I believe they tried out in the ‘No Eyewash’ tour which polled quite well with African-Americans, I believe. They also went for the ‘No Horse-feathers’ tour that tested quite well with Muslim millennials.”

Steyn kept going, telling Carlson, “They tried the ‘No Flap-doodle’ tour and that actually worked well with some feminist lesbians. The final one, I think this would have been the one to go to, the ‘No Cockamamie Fiddle-faddle For The Birds Bunkum Dag-nab-it’ tour, which polled really strongly with undocumented transgenders, which is a critical constituency for Biden in Iowa.”

Steyn then turned to Biden’s comments about his hairy legs, joking that while the other Democratic candidates fought over the moderate lane and the socialist lane, Biden appeared to be aiming for the hairy-leg lane. “The hairy-leg lane has been wide open since Beto Instagrammed himself shaving his legs back in August,” he laughed.