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Afternoon Mirror: Writer Dismisses Therapy, Anxiety-Ridden, Depressed Journos Not Happy About It

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Your boss apparently thought so.” 

George Conway to his wife, Trump counselor and HIS WIFE, Kellyanne Conway, on presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Kellyanne tweeted, “WATCH: Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?”

MOOD: “Got on the scale. In related news, I will be consuming nothing but green juice for the foreseeable future.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

The Mirror Therapy Hour 

“It shouldn’t surprise me when people irl continue behaving as they always have despite my wishing for them to change. There’s a pattern. They follow that pattern. Rinse, repeat. Why am I shocked?” — Kimberly Ross, contributor, Washington Examiner.

“Being on the campaign trail without a regular therapist blows. I am learning this the hard way. Lots of people say ‘work out’ but often times folks like me need a professional. I’ve found apps like Talkspace, which is kind of like text therapy, help fill the void.” — Brittany Shepherd, 2020 election reporter, Yahoo News.

Journo urges people to take their meds

“It’s been a super busy day for some and a super sad day for others so I’m just checking in to make sure you took your medication…in case you forgot! Take it now if appropriate!” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag, on Thanksgiving.

Weekend tweet that got under people’s skin: “I often wonder what would happen if everyone stopped going to therapy and used that time to help other people instead.” — Katie Herzog, writer, The Stranger. “Wow really touched a nerve with this one! Some of you people seem to need more therapy!! Or like an hour volunteering with paralyzed orphans or something.”

A sampling of backlash: “Thanks Katie but my anxiety makes it so that I can’t interact with others and therapy helps me learn tools to manage that so that I’m actually capable of helping people. Not sure how you’re personally able to help anyone when you’re so busy spending your time judging them.” — Erin Biba, freelance science journalist, National Geographic, BBC, Scientific American, NBC and more.

Josh Marshall, editor, Talking Points Memo: “I wonder what would happen if diabetics stopped using insulin and just chilled out.”

Deep Thoughts With Matthew Dowd

“Whether you are single like me, or married or partnered, the struggle in life is embracing solitude as a time of peace and fullness and not loneliness, while also having the courage to be open to the embrace of intimacy which expands our heart and fills the world.” — Matthew Dowd, chief political analyst, ABC News. (ABC’s Chief Political Analyst Insults GOP Congresswoman)

Writer avoids negativity — except when assholes are involved 

“One of the things that’s made Twitter emotionally manageable has been never responding to negative comments. That said, some folks have been such assholes tonight, I feel compelled to answer. I hope this compulsion isn’t necessary very often.” — Bryan Behar, TV writer, HuffPost contributor.


“I’ve got a couple more days of recording my audiobook, and then I’m going to basically going to take a goddamn flame thrower to Trump on a variety of pent-up matters.” — Rick Wilson, GOP media guy, #NeverTrumper.

In other Wilson commentary over the holiday weekend… “Well, Donald Trump screws porn stars and then pays them off to keep quiet about his tiny penis, so there’s that.”

Neera Tanden has a question 

“Has the entire right wing just forgotten Stormy Daniels? And Trump’s pay off to her to hide his ‘relationship?'” — Neera Tanden, lefty, president, Center for American Progress.

GASP! Dreyfuss is no longer a SoulCycle regular 

“I used to go to soulcycle like every day but to be honest I now only go once in a while. About a year ago my favorite instructor quit and though there is one instructor I still really like, it’s no longer a significant part of my life. Cult memberships: there are ups and downs.” — Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones.

The Observer

“Some editors order a reporter to write a story basically predicting the future, it turns out the reporter doesn’t have the magical powers the editors expected, and then the reporter is fired. Cool stuff.” — German Lopez, senior correspondent, Vox, on the firing of the Newsweek reporter for initially getting Trump’s holiday plans wrong.

Donald Trump Jr. weighs in: “It wasn’t an ‘honest mistake’ you tried to dunk on Trump and ended up dunking on yourself because you couldn’t resist. Notice how there’s never been a story that broke in Trump’s favor & had to be corrected the other way? These aren’t mistakes, they are a very consistent pattern.”

Journo needs guidance on her pie crust  

“I need baking advice. whenever I make a tart shell it slumps down the sides while i’m baking it, even if it’s completely frozen when I put it in. got lots of pie weights in there too. Help!” — Libby Watson, The New Republic.

Travel Bitches 

Travel/vintage suitcase/Shutterstock.

Journo loses purse on train 

Erielle Davidson, staff writer, The Federalist: “Followers: I left my small purse containing my passport on @Amtrak train 135 from Boston to NYC. I was sitting in the quiet car. The train is on its way to DC. If anyone sees it, please tell me. @Amtrak ⁦‪alleged that they looked for it. Impossible since it is at my seat.”

CHRIS D’ELIA, stand-up comic, podcaster: “Man every now and then I’m FORCED to take a @united flight and EVERY time it fucking sucks. Two hour delay. Fuck United. The WORST airline BAR NONE!”

UNITED AIRLINES: “Hi, Chris. We understand that delays are frustrating. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience at this time. ^FC”

Taxicab Confessions: “Holy Christ in a taxi to JFK with my kid screaming at me to explain the Pythagorean theorem to him. He’s five. I got a 35th percentile on my maths SAT. I’m totally fucked. Thank God I married someone really good at maths.” — Liz Mair, GOP communications strategist.

MSNBC host has low Uber score

“Real conversation tonight-
DC Uber Driver: Are you visiting from somewhere?
Me: YES- New York, how can you tell?
Uber Driver- Do you take many Ubers?
Me: Yes
Uber Driver- Interesting. I’ve never seen anyone from here with a rating so low.
My Kids: Explode with laughter”

Stephanie Ruhle, host, MSNBC.

Gossip Roundup

Mayor Pete’s hubby Chasten Buttigieg reminds people to be nice in stores… “I will never forget the Black Friday I worked as a cashier at Toys R Us. It haunts me to this day. Please, please be kind to your customer service associates today, folks. Humanity > Door Busters.”

Can a 9-year-vegan convince Trump to stop eating crap? Here.

Post-baby drama spikes between A.J. Delgado and Jason Miller 

Jason Miller is a former aide to President Trump. He co-hosts the radio show, The War Room, with Trump’s former top aide Steve Bannon. A.J. Delgado is a former Trump campaign aide, a lawyer and a Harvard law school grad. Delgado and Miller had a relationship during the campaign, despite Miller being married to another woman. Miller and Delgado are in litigation over legal aspects regarding their child.

You can read some specifics on this here

“Pls see this tweet and another I’m about to RT from AJ. This legal drama has been needlessly drug out. It’d be way better if her ex just agreed to pay reasonable child support, agreed something reasonable on visitations, and called it a day. What a waste of everyone’s time & $$$!” — Liz Mair, Republican communications strategist.

(See Delgado’s feed for more alleged details.)

Delgado praises Taylor Swift… And kudos to @taylorswift13 for the recent inspiration. When women are bullied/abused and told to “just keep quiet, though”, but there’s no way to improve a situation absent spraying some daylight on it and sounding the alarm, get thee to social media.

On Hunter Biden… 

“Hunter Biden:
-Married his brother’s widow.
-Cheated on his brother’s widow with a stripper.
-Impregnated aforementioned stripper and publicly denied the child he fathered with her.
But tell us more about how immoral President Trump is, @JoeBiden.”

Candace Owens, author, Blackout.

The Mirror Therapy Hour Part II


Eric Michael Garcia, assistant editor, WaPo: “If you are in a relationship right now, when did you game out that your significant other liked you enough to be in a relationship or had more than just a crush on you?”

@MaryFabulous3: “Oh F off aren’t you just a little to self absorbed?”

Eric Michael Garcia: “I’m just trying to have fun and I like hearing how people fall in love.”

Holiday cheer… “Family bickering, I’ve dipped into the bourbon. Drinking at accelerated pace. Check back later to see how drunk I am.” — Jason Howerton, TheBlaze.

Journo copes with cat surgery: “The kitten has surgery today, so none of the cats can have breakfast until he leaves for the vet’s office. I think there may be a riot brewing.” — Jazz Shaw, weekend editor, HotAir.

George Papadopoulos’s wife is grateful: “One year ago on thanksgiving I was walking @GeorgePapa19 to prison. We were broke & let down by everyone. Today we live in LA I am an actress/ a fashion designer & George is running for Congress. Greatful for the second chances in life & the loyal people in my life.” — Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos. (Mrs. Papadopoulos’s Shows Off New Swimsuit Line At Trump Miami Hotel)

Capitol Police arrest man who showed his anus. Here. (RELATED: Cenk Uygur Has Declared His Support For Legalizing Bestiality)