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Afternoon Mirror: Pundit Says George Conway Should Be A Better Father

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Quote of the Day:

“This woman has been through the worst hell imaginable.” 

Molly Jong-Fast, contributor, The Daily Beast, on CNN’s “Out Front” with Erin Burnett Monday night, on former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who she interviewed for a story published Sunday.

More from Jong-Fast… “I got a lot of really kind feedback yesterday, but Lisa Page is the hero here. She had her life ruined by Trump perhaps as a distraction, perhaps to gin up his base. The human cost of Trumpism cannot be quantified (yet) but it is extremely high.”

Alyssa Milano weighs in on the Lisa Page news cycle 

“I just had to chase my 8 year old son out of the room while the news was playing the Trump ‘Lisa’ speech. It’s fucking upsetting that I can’t allow my son to listen to our President because our President is inappropriate, misogynistic and unpresidential. So unfair to parents.” — Alyssa Milano, lefty activist, actress. (RELATED: Journos Chafe at Alyssa Milano Attending Fundraiser For Marianne Williamson)

Monica Lewinsky’s mom critiques her Thanksgiving pants 

“My mom: I have something slightly unpleasant to tell you me: oooook mom: the pants you wore on thanksgiving are no good from the back. they’re all stretched out and saggy. they look weird. me: mom, they’re drop crotch pants. that’s the look! mom: oh.” — Monica Lewinsky, anti-bullying activist, Vanity Fair contributor, former White House intern. (RELATED: Monica Lewinsky Gets Unusually Personal About Sleep)

On being a journalist… 

“My experiences with this kind of crap have made me a better journalist, though, which I’m thankful for. I know what it’s like to be on the shit end of bad and inaccurate reporting, so I’m very careful about wanting to make sure that I get everything right in my own work.” — Susan Fowler, writer, New York Times opinion page.

MOOD: “Every time Karen Pence’s office sends out a press release I am crushed by the sight of our nation’s most insulting title, ‘Second Lady.’ ‘Ooof.’ — me, out loud, wincing, whenever I read the phrase.” — Olivia Nuzzi, reporter, New York Mag.

George Conway publicly back-talks wife, Kellyanne 

And everyone loses their minds. 

(RELATED: George Conway Talks Back To Kellyanne On Twitter)

“The call is coming from inside the house.” — Andy Cohen, host, producer, Bravo.

“Since you’re the one bringing your marriage issues onto the public stage, maybe, since she’s working all the time, you should be at home caring for your 4 children on a day-to-day basis instead of being in NY and NJ most of the time. You’re worth $40 million and can afford to.” — Cheri Jacobus, pundit, writer, #NeverTrumper.

“Talk is cheap, George.” — Charlotte Clymer, comms, Human Rights Campaign.

“Ladies, it’s officially time for Operation Find Kellyanne Conway a Better Husband.” — Greg Price, social media, The Daily Caller

“And the award for Worst Husband of the Year goes to…” — Breitbart News.

If you believe the far left Raw Story, Kellyanne was “tweet-shamed” by her own husband.

Vanity Fair wonders if they are still under one roof: “Things are going to be frosty at the Conway household tonight, assuming George and Kellyanne are actually still living together.” Here

On WaPo‘s Valerie Plame profile… 

“Actual line from a @washingtonpost ‘profile’ of Valerie Plame: ‘She looks astoundingly good, at 56, as if the high-altitude desert air has preserved her skin since the day she arrived here 12 years ago.  Not mentioned: Anti-Semitic tweets.” — Eliana Johnson, EIC, Washington Free Beacon. Read the profile here

Bulls#!$ alert… 

“I’m interested in the professional views of the Conways. For, better or for worse, as you might put it. Their personal lives? No. That’s for them. Of no interest to me.” — David Rothkopf, author, international relations prof at Johns Hopkins.

Surgery tips available from Montel’s PR guy 

Jessica Valenti, feminist author, Medium columnist: “I’m getting surgery tomorrow to fix my broken nose, if anyone has recovery tips LET ME HAVE THEM. (I’m also not looking fwd to being under general anesthesia for the first time, blergh)”

Jonathan Franks, my buddy: “~14 knee surgeries here. Promise the anticipation is worse than the reality. Feel free to dm for a couple tips ;)”

April Ryan blasts Kim Klacik for inviting her to a ‘publicity stunt’ 

Klacik, a Republican, is running for the late Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) congressional seat. Ryan, a longtime White House correspondent for American Urban Radio, was close friends with Cummings.

KLACIK: “I would like to invite @brianstelter, @AprilDRyan, @VictorBlackwell & @maddow to West Baltimore to speak to the residents about their experience growing up in the very neighborhoods I filmed my videos over the summer. My official invite to you.”

RYAN: “Unlike you I grew up in my beloved Baltimore City & there weekly to give back in various ways. If this weren’t a political publicity stunt, for you to become relevant off my name, I would’ve accepted your offer. Sorry I decline! I know West Baltimore & all of Baltimore! Do you?”

On Tuesday, Ryan added, “She does not want the next clawback! Don’t play with me!”

Senator’s wife doesn’t want to be a Muppet

“I don’t believe that ‘dueling GOP spouses’ act on Twitter is real, and I wish all you smart people would stop promoting it. My affection for you is boundless, but my patience is reaching its fiery end. I can’t always be a cheery Muppet.” — Connie Schultz, journalism prof, Kenty State University, syndicated columnist, wife to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

Travel Bitches 

Vintage suitcase/Shutterstock.

“It should be illegal to eat a tuna sandwich on an airplane.” — Peter Hasson, Daily Caller News Foundation.

Gossip Roundup 

Congressman, campaign funds and a pet rabbit do not mix:  “The Hunters used more than $500 in campaign funds to fly the family’s pet rabbit rabbit, Eggburt, across the country with them, Margaret Hunter admitted in her plea agreement.” Read the full story here.

This story on morning routines is worth a read. Especially if you like sleeping. Here.

Mother Jones wins in a defamation lawsuit brought on by a billionaire. The pub and its insurance company bled out $2.5 million in the process. Here.

Mika Brzezinski’s mom predicted the very night the family dog would die. Here. (RELATED: Mika Brzezinski Tells Greta Van Susteren To Stop Watching ‘Morning Joe’)

Brad Pitt talks about his relationship with booze. Here.

The Bachelorette‘s Tyler Cameron is taking some ‘me’ time. Here.