Navy Releases Hype Video For The Army Game, And It’s Not Good

Navy Hype Video (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/NavyFB/status/1202588689341091843)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Navy dropped their hype video for the Army game, and it’s less than stellar.

As everybody knows, I’m all in on the hype video trend. It’s what I do. You can’t have a big college football game without one. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Having said that, we also all know it better be damn good. A bad hype video is a major red flag, and it’s usually a bad sign of things to come. Unfortunately, that pretty much sums up this one from Navy.

It’s not good at all. Give it a watch below.

Now, I want to be crystal clear here. I love our military. I love all of it. The Navy and the Marines are both incredibly badass, one of my closest friends is an officer in the Navy and I have nothing but respect for both branches that this video represents.

You know the first people who would agree with me that the video above was trash? The men and women in the Navy and Marines.

They expect to win at all times. They expect to beat the living hell out of their opponent every time they suit up for a road game (aka a war), and that video doesn’t do our brave men and women justice at all.

It’s the Navy! That video should have been so easy. Show a bunch of ships blowing stuff away, give us some quick cuts of the Navy SEALs, give us some cool fighter jet moments and it would have been awesome.

Instead, the Naval Academy chose to play it safe.

That was a foolish safe. They’re playing to lose right now. We all know that never ends well. Play to win.

You think the Army is going to come with that kind of weak sauce? No chance.

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To be clear, I don’t care who wins this game. I want both teams to win because I love America, but our founding fathers didn’t fight the British for a video as bad as this one.

We’ll see what Army brings to the table, but we’re in a bad spot if it’s not much better. If Army drops a fire video, you can go ahead and just assume the Black Knights are taking this game by a million.