‘He’s Getting Some Practice’: Ana Navarro Says Biden Outburst Is Proof He Can Handle A ‘Damn Liar’ Like Trump

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro cheered former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent outburst, saying on a Friday segment of “The View” that it was good for him to get “some practice” in calling out lies.


During an Iowa campaign stop, Biden had responded to a question about his son Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine by calling the man a “damn liar,” challenging him to do push-ups and appearing to call him “fat.”

“I loved it,” Navarro responded. “I really did. I have known Joe Biden for a long time, and this is Joe Biden. He is scrappy Joe Biden from Scranton and he has to do this. The truth is I’m glad he’s getting some practice calling out damn lies because if he wins the primary, he’s going to be running against a damn liar.” (RELATED: Ana Navarro Says ‘The Good News’ Is That Witnesses Aren’t Getting Killed, Admits ‘We’re Not North Korea’)

The audience roared, and then Sunny Hostin weighed in. “I liked it as well. I think any parent that’s out there knows what was going on because I’m known as being very measured as a person and on this show. But you talk about my kids, you’re going to get the wrath of Khan,” she added.