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Morning Mirror: Is Alyssa Milano OVERSHARING?

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Who gives a flying f—ck?” 

Mike Freeman, an NFL columnist for Bleacher Report, reacting to a Politico story about 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren receiving $1.9 million from private legal work that includes “large corporate clients.”

MOOD: “For the record, I agree that trump should not posthumously pardon Charles Manson.” — Slate‘s Ashley Feinberg. (RELATED: Marianne Williamson Completely Fabricates Notion That Trump Pardoned Charles Manson)

Is Alyssa Milano oversharing? 

“I had a bad panic attack last night. Any specialists out there know why my anxiety is so much worse right after my period? Which hormone is depleted? #Anxiety” — Alyssa Milano, a Democratic activist and actress who has officially taking the words ‘me too’ too far. In July, Milano got a lot of heat for attending a fundraiser for the aforementioned Marianne Williamson.

Guy Benson’s pal finds human shit in fancy hotel room bed 

“So a friend of mine was staying at a famous, high-end hotel resort/hotel this past week & found…human [poop] *in her bed* upon arrival. What would be fair compensation from management for this trauma?” — Guy Benson, Fox News contributor, political editor, Townhall.

Speaking of hotels, WaPo‘s Dawsey finds himself in noisy room

“After a Trump speech, I found the hotel in Hollywood, FL where a wedding reception is pulsating beneath me & at least 25 people are raging in the next room, occasionally banging walls. I am considering calling the front desk but am also pondering what that would say about me.” — Josh Dawsey, White House reporter, WaPo.

Hey, at least he didn’t find poop in his bed? 

Journo shares late night tears

“Sometimes a lil bit of praise goes a long way folks (fuck it, I’m crying and needed this. Thanks nice human for the love).” — Matt Laslo, freelance political reporter, VICE, NPR, Playboy, Wired, The Daily Beast.

After a follower sent a picture of two dogs hugging and asked if he was OK, Laslo replied, “Better now with the puppies, thanks.”

In other Laslo news… “Welcome to The Sunshine State: ‘Our former governor, Rick Scott, he was a dick,’ my Lyft driver informs me without me even askin [sic].”

Promises, Promises 

“I will have an important announcement in the morning on the situation involving Speaker Pelosi’s son and the legal trouble he is in. Audiotape obtained.” — Patrick Howley, freelancer, formerly of Big League Politics, Breitbart News, and The Daily Caller. See his piece here.

New Yorker reporter is paranoid about in-home speakers 

“Everywhere I turn this fall, some entity is offering me a Google or Amazon speaker-that-listens-to-your-household for free, which has made me paranoid about these devices in a way I wasn’t previously.” — Nathan Heller, staff writer, The New Yorker.

The Mirror Therapy Hour 

“Allow yourself to be vulnerable among friends and loved ones. For so long #DepressionFeelsLike you don’t want to burden your friends with your problems or go on about them too much. But in truth, telling my friends about my vulnerabilities made them closer to me.” — Eric Michael Garcia, assistant editor, WaPo.


“I have bronchitis and I would like to murder someone.” — Katie MacBride, freelancer, bylines in Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, and Playboy.

Gossip Roundup 

Roland Martin has no time for sore throat

“Scratchy throat. Oh hell naw. I’m about to go hard combatting this oncoming cold. I’m headed to Ghana on Dec. 19. I will NOT be sick! Started last night. I already popped a 1,000 Vitamin C.” — Roland Martin, longtime lefty pundit, host, Roland Martin Unfiltered.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the common dosage of vitamin C for men is 90 milligrams. A possible side effect of drastically upping this vitamin includes diarrhea.

CNN’s Brian Stelter spends weekend counting Trump’s tweets 

“Trump has tweeted/retweeted 99 times so far today… mostly RT’s.” — Brian Stelter, biased media reporter, CNN. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Buys Dozen Donuts For Brian Stelter)

Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly is ‘disturbing’ 

“I find it disturbing how much Charlize Theron looks like Megyn Kellyin this Fox movie. It’s like past the uncanny valley onto weird identical mountain.” — Matthew Zeitlin, freelance reporter. Bylines have included BuzzFeed, Slate, Medium and more. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Heads To Jury Duty With A Bad Attitude) 

Devin Nunes accuses reporter of being a ‘stalker’ 

Over the weekend, The Intercept‘s Lee Fang asked Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, about his alleged contact with Lev Parnas, who was charged for allegedly violating foreign money bans for Trump’s reelection coffers. Parnas was arrested at Dulles International Airport in October, 2019. Nunes has said he cannot recall his phone conversations with Parnas. See Fang’s story here.

LEE FANG, The Intercept: “What a weird, defamatory statement from Devin Nunes here. I walked up calmly and asked a simple news question to the congressman. You can see everything I actually said and Nunes’ trembling hand while he silently took my picture in the video I posted.”

Bette Midler gets bashed for posting pic of girls in museum 

“These young people are minding their own business and some older stranger is snapping pics of them and posting it on the internet to be a scold?” — Marc Caputo, political reporter, Politico.