Jerry Nadler’s Opening Statement Interrupted By Infowars Host Owen Shroyer Screaming ‘Trump Is Innocent!’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Infowars host Owen Shroyer interrupted Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler during his opening statement Monday, yelling “Trump is innocent!”

As Nadler was attempting to open the hearing, Shroyer began yelling, “Jerry Nadler…you’re the one committing treason!”

“Order in the room. Order in the room,” Nadler said.

“We voted for Donald Trump!” Shroyer said.

“Americans are sick of your impeachment,” he continued. “They’re sick of the Democrat treason! We know who committed the crimes, it wasn’t Trump. Trump is innocent!”

The Infowars host was quickly ushered out of the room by security as he continued yelling.

“The committee will come to order,” Nadler said as the man was removed. “I shouldn’t have to remind everyone present that the audience is here to observe, but not to demonstrate, not to indicate agreement or disagreement with any witness or any member of the committee. The audience is here to observe only.”

“And we will maintain decorum in the hearing room,” he added. (RELATED: Jerry Nadler Appears To Doze Off During Impeachment Hearing)

Infowars, a company started by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, has a history of showing up to events in Washington to try and interrupt them, as Jones did during with hearings on social media companies Twitter, Facebook, and Google.