Le’Veon Bell Sends Stupid ‘Flu Game’ Tweet, Brags About His Bowling Score

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell’s recent actions should enrage fans.

Bell didn’t play Sunday because he apparently had the flu. At the same time, he was apparently healthy enough to be out late Saturday night bowling, according to the New York Post.


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Naturally, that doesn’t really seem to add up, especially when you consider the optics of the whole situation with how bad the Jets are.

Bell couldn’t seem to care less. He bragged about his high score in a video posted by SportsCenter on Tuesday, and sent a stupid “flu game” tweet early Wednesday, which is in reference to Michael Jordan’s famous flu game.

It was stupid for Bell to go bowling. If he’s not healthy enough to play, then he shouldn’t be out bowling. I think everybody is in agreement there.

However, this situation would probably just have died after a day or two. Not anymore. The fact he sent that tweet and bragged about his score just shows he doesn’t really give a damn.

Fans should absolutely be upset. Their big free agency signing is treating this as a joke!


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What the hell is Bell doing? It’s not like the Jets are dominant team. Everything is fine if you’re winning. You know what the Jets aren’t doing?

Winning football games. The Jets suck, and Bell is out here treating it like a joke.


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Fans have every right in the world to be upset, and I’d be right there with them if I pulled for the Jets. The Bell signing has turned out to be an incredibly bad decision.