Robert De Niro Takes Swipe At Trump’s Kids: ‘I Would Disown Them’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Robert De Niro attacked President Donald Trump once again, and this time  he took a swipe at the president’s kids, saying her would “disown them” if they were his.

The comments came during the 76-year-old actor’s appearance Monday on “The View” during a panel discussion about the movement to impeach Trump, where he labeled the president a “low life,” per Fox News in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: Robert De Niro Said ‘F**k Trump’ At The Tony Awards, And The Audience Went Wild)

Joy Behar then asked the “Taxi Driver” star about past comments he made, labeling Trump’s kids as gangsters. (RELATED: Robert De Niro Slams Trump During Award Ceremony For High School Students [VIDEO]


“I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what these kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them,” De Niro said. “I would disown them.” (RELATED: Watch This Guy Destroy A Portrait Of Robert De Niro After His Anti Trump Rant)

“I’d have a serious talk with them,” he added, while explaining that it was “impossible” for him to be in the same position because his family wouldn’t dare act like that.

“The Irishman” actor never explained further what he meant about Trump’s kids behavior, and no one on the panel pressed the actor further about his statement.

De Niro then claimed that the country was “at a crossroads” because Trump “would want to get elected to a third term” and said “he’d want to be king for life.”

The actor has been very outspoken about his thoughts on Trump throughout his presidency. Most recently, the “Raging Bull” star traveled to Canada and slammed Trump for his “idiotic behavior.”

“And I just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behavior of my president,” De Niro told the crowd in response to Trump’s comments calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “dishonest” and “weak.”

“It’s a disgrace,” he added. “And I apologize to Justin Trudeau and other people of the G7 [Summit]. It’s disgusting.”