Flashback: Chuck Schumer Consulted With Clinton White House Ahead Of Impeachment Trial

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Fox News

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer chastised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this week after McConnell said he’d coordinate with the White House over an impeachment trial in the senate, but Schumer sang a different tune during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment two decades ago.

Schumer also rejected witnesses, and urged Congress to move on from impeachment in a January 1999 clip that Fox & Friends showed Tuesday morning. (RELATED: Jim Jordan Rips Democrats For Handling Of Trump Investigations)

“Any fair process would be consulting the White House, because it’s the president who’s the defendant, and due process would guarantee him fairness,” Schumer said in 1999.

Schumer than added that “no good case” had been made to call fact witnesses against the 42nd president. (RELATED: REPORT: Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Had A Portrait Of Bill Clinton Posing Provocatively In Blue Dress)

“It seems to me that no good case has been made for witnesses,” Schumer said. “What we ought to be doing instead of this is doing what the American people want us to do, which is make the schools better, and preserve social security, and reign in the HMO’s.”


Schumer sent a letter to the senate Sunday, requesting testimony from four witnesses in the likely senate trial involving the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Schumer told CNN on Monday that he has not heard “a single good reason” why Republicans won’t agree to call his witnesses.

“There have been a lot of wild goose chases, and conspiracy theories, that some of our Republican friends, not too many, have talked about, but not one of these facts has been rebutted, nor has there been a single good reason why these folks can’t testify,” Schumer said.