Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski Claim To Hate Separating Families, But Tucker Carlson Reminded Them Of One Apparent Exception

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson played on-air statements about migrant separations at the border made by MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski before indirectly pointing out an inconvenient truth about their own family situation.

The Tuesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, meant to point out hypocrisy on the left, began with several examples of how current politicians invoke the nation’s founders to press their case for impeachment when “the left has nothing but contempt for the men who founded this country.”

“So why are they suddenly saying the opposite?” Carlson asked. “Because that’s what the left does. They don’t simply lie. They invert the truth. Whatever they claim you did, is exactly what they themselves are doing. We can think of a few examples, but here’s one. Remember the hysteria over quote, ‘family separation’? People on cable news were deeply upset about it at the time.”

The Fox News host then played statements by both Scarborough and Brzezinski lamenting the “calculated, cruel separation of children” and “ripping babies from mothers’ arms at the border.”

“For these parents that are separated from their children, this is a humanitarian crisis,” Scarborough said in one clip. (RELATED: Tucker Exposes ‘Ruling Class’ Behind Border Policy Uproar: ‘Their Goal Is To Change Your Country Forever’)

“His administration’s very hideous and unpopular policy to separate migrant families from their children at the southern border,” Brzezinski said in another.

“You could just feel the passion there,” said Tucker. “If there’s one thing Joe Scarborough won’t countenance — if there’s one thing, politics aside, that Joe considers just totally immoral and wrong — it’s separating families. Call him old fashioned, but Joe just doesn’t believe in that. It’s not how he was raised. Breaking up that sacred unit — two parents, husband and wife, raising their kids together — anyone who’d do that — and Joe doesn’t want to be judgmental here, but sometimes it’s hard not to be; that’s how passionate he feels about it — anyone who would break up and separate a family, says Joe Scarborough, is beneath contempt. The lowest of the low. Disgusting. As Joe’s third wife put it so aptly, family separation is simply ‘calculated and cruel.’ It’s not something decent people do. Just so you know.”

The two MSNBC co-hosts were married in November 2018 after a well hidden courtship. The former GOP lawmaker has four children, two from each of his two prior marriages. Brzezinski has two daughters from a previous marriage, which ended in 2016.