Doug Collins Blasts House Dems In Fiery Speech: Majority Has Taken ‘Chaos And Mob Rule’ To ‘A New Level’

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Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins delivered a fiery speech before Wednesday night’s impeachment vote, blasting House Democrats for taking “chaos and mob rule” to “a new level.”

Referring to his prior comments about a “dark cloud” descending on the House, Collins insisted it was “closing” before criticizing House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler’s case for impeachment.

“If this is a compelling case for impeachment, I’m not sure why we’re here, right now,” said Collins. “It is not anywhere close to compelling.”

Making his case about the weakness of the Democratic case against President Donald Trump, the Georgia Republican dramatically pointed to several people on the floor, exclaiming “You did it!” several times before asking them to “prove us wrong.” (RELATED: Report: Ilhan Omar Yells ‘Stop It’ On House Floor When McCarthy Cites Tlaib’s ‘Impeach The Mother F**Ker’ Comment)

“Guess what?” he asked. “You don’t want to because deep down you know that that’s turning the entire jurisprudence of this country upside-down … Today from this floor we have heard the majority leader say this president is guilty and not the other way around. He is innocent and these come nowhere close to proving it.”

“But we also found a creative interpretation of minority rights,” said Collins. “But you know something? This majority leader also said, ‘wherever law ends tyranny begins.’ But I will say this, in this House wherever the rules are disregarded, chaos and mob rule actually begin and the majority has taken that to a new level.”

Collins praised his fellow Republicans for their “bravery” and “courage” in the midst of what he called a “broken” impeachment process.”

The Democratic-led House voted later Wednesday night to impeach the president on two articles: 230-197 on abuse of power and 229-198 on obstruction of Congress.