Fox News’ Chris Wallace Calls Nancy Pelosi A ‘Master Politician’ Along With Trump

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News host Chris Wallace called Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi a “master politician” as the impeachment votes were being counted Wednesday.

“What you’re really seeing today … is a clash between two master politicians,” Wallace said.

“Nancy Pelosi is a master politician and her ability to herd the cats to keep all of her caucus, which goes from far left to, a little bit to the right, she has been able to keep them all on board,” he also said.

“Conversely, Donald Trump and it has been pointed out earlier today that in every other impeachment there were at least some members of the president’s party, not a lot, but some, who broke with, from him and voted to impeach. That hasn’t happened with Donald Trump,” Wallace added.

“His ability to basically subsume the Republican Party, so that no one, whether it’s in, certainly in the House, and perhaps we’ll see in the Senate is going to break with him and he has the consistent, constant control of his own party is a real testament to his abilities as a master politician. So, this is a real clash between the two of them. And it’s not going to end today.” (RELATED: Chris Wallace: Pelosi Got Under Trump’s Skin)

The Fox News host criticized President Donald Trump in speech in Washington D.C. this month, saying that he is “engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.”