Louie Gohmert: America’s ‘End Is Now In Sight’

Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot/C-Span

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Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert said the end of America is near during a passionate speech defending President Donald Trump during debate Wednesday over the president’s impeachment.

Gohmert followed up his speech by continuing to yell at his Democratic colleagues, who appear set to impeach a president for just the third time in U.S. history. (RELATED: GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk: Pontius Pilate Gave More Rights To Jesus Than Democrats Have To Trump)

The conservative Texas congressman referenced Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s comments during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, when Schumer accused Republicans of having lowered the bar on impeachment. (RELATED: Flashback: Chuck Schumer Consulted With Clinton White House Ahead Of Impeachment Trial)

“This is a travesty and we’re in big trouble because Schumer was right,” Gohmert said. “Now, it’s lowered even further, the bar. It will be used for political battles.”

Gohmert then offered a gloomy prediction.


“This country’s end is now in sight,” Gohmert said. “I hope I don’t live to see it. This is an outrage.”

However, Gohmert didn’t stop there. The fiery Congressman continued to express his outrage, even after House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler began to speak. Nadler accused Gohmert of having repeated Russian propaganda, causing Gohmert to fire back.

Gohmert rushed back to the dais to fire back at Nadler, and continued to yell even as the speaker pro tempore gaveled down.