Loyal Trump Supporters Line Up Hours Before Michigan Rally In Freezing Weather


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Thousands of loyal supporters braved below-freezing temperatures for hours ahead of President Donald Trump’s Wednesday evening rally in Battle Creek, Michigan.

With a wave of newly arrived arctic air keeping temperatures at or below 20 degrees, attendees did the best they could to stay warm outside Battle Creek’s Kellogg Arena ahead of the president’s Merry Christmas Rally.

Many have stood in line since Tuesday night and the parking arena bottom floor was full by noon on Wednesday. As House Democrats prepared for a vote on impeachment, there was a lot to talk about.

“He’s being impeached. It’s like historical yet look at all the people showing up in freezing cold weather to support him,” Bethann Martin-Guthrie told WWTV. (RELATED: ‘Honey We Shrunk The Impeachment’: Kimberley Strassel Explains How Dems Narrowed Charges To Protect Themselves)

“It’s been a real bonding experience, you know,” supporter Debe Rymut told Fox17. “We share our thoughts and feelings about the democrats, the impeachment, Trump. I just want to be in his presence. I just have the greatest respect for him and I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.”

“I love to listen to him speak,” Mike Stevens said of Trump. “He talks to me, he talks to all of us. Its like he’s talking directly to us.”