Jim Delany Says The Big 10 Adding Rutgers And Maryland Might Pay Off In Half A Century

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany thinks Maryland and Rutgers joining the conference might not pay off for several more decades.

The Scarlet Knights and Maryland joined the conference a few years back, and it’s not gone well for either. Rutgers is awful at basketball and football, which are the only two sports that really matter. Maryland has been good at basketball, but atrocious at football. Again, it hasn’t worked out well at all. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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However, Delany isn’t worried! He just wants everybody to wait before making a judgement. The B1G commissioner, who is on his way out the door, told the Chicago Tribune the following, according to Saturday Tradition:

I don’t think people should evaluate this in the short term. But in a 25-year or 50-year period, I think they’re going to be very competitive. They are added value. And if the Big Ten had stayed at 10 and not taken on any risk associated with expansion, we probably would be tied for the fourth-largest conference.

I love this line of thinking from Delany. I can’t wait to start using this myself. You don’t like a decision I made?

Just give me the next 50 years before passing judgement. I feel like I’ll probably outlive most of you reading this anyways.

If not, we can discuss in 2069, and not one damn moment before.

In all seriousness, I do understand the point Delany is making. Adding the two schools opened up our TV network size, which directly translates to more money for everybody involved.

It’s going to take some serious time for Maryland and Rutgers to catch up, but it’ll probably eventually happen. Once they get more and more money, the two programs will build better facilities, hire better coaches and so forth.

Rutgers is already trying to make a splash by bringing Greg Schiano back. It just takes time.


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At the same time, I very much like the idea in which we live in a world where we get 50 years before being judged for our decisions.