People Are Loving The Economy In New CNN Poll As Impeachment Process Trudges On

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Despite any potential shadows cast by impeachment, the American economy is forging ahead to the highest rating in nearly two decades.

According to a CNN poll conducted December 12-15, 76% of the 1005 Americans surveyed believe that the economy is either “very or somewhat good,” the highest percentage in a similar poll since 2001, when 80% said that the economy was doing well.

This marks a decisive jump from the same time last year, when only 67% felt that the economy was in good shape.

The poll also shows steady improvement to the economy from President Donald Trump’s first days in office, when just over half the population viewed the economy as a net positive. (RELATED: CNN’s Tapper: Is Trump Not Getting Enough Credit For The Economy?)

Even a partisan breakdown shows that economic improvement is being acknowledged across the board: 97% of Republicans see the economy as good, 75% of independents and 62% of Democrats agree. This represents increases across all demographics since August, when 91% of Republicans, 62% of independents and 47% of Democrats viewed the economy as positive.

The view toward the future also appears to be turning in a positive direction, with 68% saying that they expect to see economic improvements in the next year. In contrast, only 9% expect a downturn in the next year. This represents the most positive projected outlook among American citizens since 2003.

Continued positive trends in the economy could boost the president’s 2020 reelection efforts, as even critics — such as actor Pierce Brosnan, who once hinted that President Trump could drive him to leave the country — come around to praise his efforts in that area.