Miami Offensive Coordinator Dan Enos Says ‘Systems Don’t Win Championships’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator Dan Enos had a bold comment about offenses in football.

Manny Navarro asked Enos about running the spread, and the Miami OC responded with, “systems don’t win championships.” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yeah, I’m not sure Enos is correct on this one. Sure, a system by itself might not win titles, but a consistent system paired with the correct players absolutely can win titles.

Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Herb Brooks and several other coaches would beg to differ with Enos’ proclamation.

Anybody who thinks you can’t build a system that wins by plugging in players is simply foolish. Now, you do need some talent.

Alabama won’t win with me out there playing quarterback, but Nick Saban seems to be able to win with anybody he puts on the field.


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Is that the system or blind luck? Something tells me it’s not the latter. The greatest example of Enos not knowing what he’s talking about is Herb Brooks.

Yes, I’m aware hockey and football aren’t the same sport. However, Brooks was very clear that he had his system, and he needed the right players for it.

As famously shown in “Miracle,” he’s not looking for the best players. He’s looking for the right players.

Of course, we could just let Enos do his thing. It’s clearly working out for him and the Hurricanes given the fact the team is 6-6.

I wonder who had it more correct on systems? Herb Brooks after winning a gold medal or Dan Enos after going 6-6?

We might never know, but something tells me it’s not the second option.