Movie Theaters To Receive Updated Versions Of ‘Cats’ After Major CGI Flubs

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Movieclips Trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq50F-IDXDc)

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Universal Pictures will be sending updated copies of the “Cats” film to movie theaters after the film was criticized during its opening weekend.

Releasing a new version of the film after opening weekend has never been done before, according to a report published Saturday by The Hollywood Reporter.

The theaters were contacted on Friday after the movie was released to the public. The new version of the digitally enhanced film will feature “some improved visual effects,” a memo obtained by THR said. The CGI flubs left actress Judi Dench’s cat character with an entire human hand.

The move comes after “Cats” raked in only $6.5 million total over its opening weekend, bringing in only $2.6 million on opening day, Deadline reported. The film debuted 50% lower than its projected $10-15 million opening. (RELATED: The Internet Really Hated The Movie ‘Cats’)

This doesn’t come as any surprise. The movie received nightmare reviews and currently holds an 18% from critics and a 60% from audience members on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you spent any time on the internet this weekend, you would have read hilariously bad things about the movie from critics and just ordinary people on Twitter.

As previously reported, Universal Pictures marketed the film as an “epic musical” but it’s now being thought of as a “conspicuous waste.” The Hollywood Reporter even ranked it in its list of “10 Worst Films Of 2019.”