‘Active Threats On The House Floor’: Matt Gaetz Says Democrats Were Forced To Get In Line On Impeachment

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz said Monday that he and others had heard “active threats on the House floor” against Democrats who might have been tempted to vote against impeachment.

Gaetz told “Hannity” guest host Gregg Jarrett that both he and Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs — who also joined the show — had heard Democratic leadership threatening to withhold funding from anyone who failed to support impeachment. (RELATED: ‘Take Your Donor To Work Day’: Matt Gaetz Rips Democrats For One-Sided Impeachment Hearing)


“It’s a huge mistake for the Democrats,” Biggs began. There are people within the Democratic caucus itself that realize they have nothing and it’s done nothing but help President Trump solidify his position with people of reason throughout the country.

Jarrett followed by asking whether Democrats were angry that impeachment had been so rushed, only to stall as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to keep the articles of impeachment from the Senate.

“I think some of them are,” Biggs continued. “Some of them, I’ve talked to them quietly aside. They want this to go away. They wish it had never happened, but you know what, Nancy Pelosi has raised money for them but the reality is many wish this thing would go away. But it’s not going to go away. It is actually going to blow up even more I’m afraid.”

“It’s not just that Nancy Pelosi raises money for the caucus, but they use the money as a political weapon against anyone who potentially wouldn’t vote vote against impeachment,” Gaetz added. “Andy and I observed active threats on the House floor at the Democrats to roll along with the radical left of the Democratic Party to support impeachment or they would not be supported by the D-Triple-C.”