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Afternoon Mirror: A New Year’s Edition

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Is Williamson dropping out? ‘To the contrary,’ [Paul Hodes] told me, adding his understanding is that she plans to continue on, just sans staff.”  

Ed O’Keefe, CBS News political correspondent. Paul Hodes is presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson‘s New Hampshire state director. (RELATED: Maryanne Williamson Challenges A Reporter To A Debate)

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MOOD: “Kissed six straight men tonight. Challenge completed.” — Charlotte Clymer, transgender activist, publicist, Human Rights Campaign.

Benny Johnson thanks his haters: “You make me stronger” 

“What a decade it has been. Thank you to all the real Americans who have supported me in this kick ass journey. Also – thank you to all the haters, trolls, mouth-breathers and bots who cry every day watching our work. You make me stronger. I drink your tears. More tears 2020.” — Benny Johnson, creative director, Turning Point USA, former reporter, The Daily Caller, National ReviewBuzzFeed.(RELATED: Benny Johnson Checks Out Feet In Church)

Journo announces divorce after Christmas 

“There is no great time or way to say this. After 22 years & 5 children together, my wife and I are separated and will be divorcing. I wish her the best. Thanks for the prayers and please continue to keep my family in them.” — Lee Stranahan, co-host, Fault Lines, Radio Sputnik, on Dec. 26th.

Julian Castro dropped out of the presidential race Thursday 

“I was looking for a friend at a NYE party tonight. She was in the coat room donating to the Castro campaign. DC is going to DC.” — Lindsay Gibbs, writes ‘Power Plays’ newsletter about sexism in sports, co-hosts “Burn It Down” podcast.


“Was having an orgasm when the (actual) fireworks started going off at midnight, I’d say that fucking is a much better way to ring in the new year than kissing.” — Britni de la Cretaz, sports columnist, Longreads.

Journo has New Year’s Eve mishap… 

“Got half way to work before realizing I’d left my lunch, computer, and whole ass briefcase at home. Rounding out 2019 STRONG.” — Christian Datoc, The Daily Caller.

Charlotte Clymer had brief desire for children 

“A few weeks ago, with friends at a holiday lights thing, I saw this toddler in the cutest little jacket and experienced an unexpected impulse to want kids someday. Anyway, that thankfully passed, and I’m pleased my cold, childless heart has returned for the new year. I would love to be a mother if it weren’t for the whole responsible raising of a human being thing. I know my limits. I am at peace buying your children noisy toys and encouraging vaccination.” — Charlotte Clymer.

CNN’s Stelter spends New Year’s Day scouring President Trump’s feed 

“‘Seems quiet today, doesn’t it? @realDonaldTrump hasn’t tweeted since last year.” — Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent.

Journalist’s kid starts new year with a $198 fever 

“5 yo woke up with a fever. CVS Minute Clinic says she has flu, prescribes tamaflu. It’s the New Year so the new deductible kicks in. Pharmacy wants $198 for the tamaflu. If we didn’t have it, like millions don’t, she’d go without it, putting her life at risk. Barbaric.” — Ryan Grim, The Intercept.

This reporter is so done with the holidays 

“Not to be a total square but I’m tired of holidays can we all just go back to work now.” — Leigh Munsil, politics editor, CNN.

ABC’s chief political analyst would like to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony) 

“Brothers and sisters, wishing you each a beautiful new year, and wanting for you peace and joy throughout your days, and for you to fall into a year of purpose and passion, and for love to surround you, and for your love to venture out into the world without fear.” — Matthew Dowd, ABC chief political analyst.

Like a big baby, journalism prof predicts a horrible 2020

“Agreed. Meaning: everything that made 2019 stupid and depressing will be worse in 2020.” — Jay Rosen, J-School prof.

Ryan Lizza threatens to take us through the last decade of his life 

“My decade, a thread. I’m going to do this day by day so bear with me… 1/3651” — Ryan Lizza, Politico.


“Going to end my Maryland visit by getting verbally abused by a 90 year old…aka my grandmother.” — Yesha Callahan, news and politics editorial director, Essence.

Journo expresses end of year gratitude

“I make fun of @morninggloria‬⁩, who is a huge bitch, a lot. But towards the beginning of the decade when I was suddenly a part of the strange/unforgiving media landscape, she reached out to be kind and offer support, and she’s kept that up for like 7 years. I’m grateful for that!” — Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag.

In other Nuzzi news: “Can someone take the president to a NYE party or something so he stops blowing up my fucking phone with tweets?”

Journo Hate Mail 


“Today someone wished me ‘a shit 2020’ because I wrote an article *last week* about other people who wondered why Hunter wasn’t in the Biden family Christmas photo. If he’s already that pissed, I’m thinking he’s probably going to have a worse year than I am.” — Virginia Kruta, The Daily Caller.

What she doesn’t want in 2020… 

“Dear The League, please stop advertising to me… I’m not ready to date some businessman named Alistair, the last guy I dated didn’t believe in brushing his teeth at night.” — Evie Fordham, reporter, Fox Business.

Some pleasant holiday advice on family and kids 

“Best holidays advice I can offer: Bring the kid to see your family solo for a few days, and then she’ll go take the kid to hers for a few days.” — Joshua Benton, runs Harvard’s Neiman Lab.

Gossip Roundup 

Joan Walsh loses sleep after daughter and dog leave

Walsh works for The Nation and CNN.

Rudy Giuliani makes reporter lose his appetite 

“True story: I was hungry until I read a @RudyGiuliani tweet. Now I’m gonna smoke a joint and see if I can’t bring back that feeling. Pray for me folks!” — Matt Laslo, freelance reporter, VICE, Playboy Mag and more.

Alyssa Milano wants Trump to stop saying the word ‘crazy’  

“Hey, @realDonaldTrump‬⁩, maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to stop adding to the stigma of mental illness and not use terms in your tweets like, ‘crazy’ or “lost his mind.” The 44 million of us who suffer sure would appreciate it.” — Alyssa Milano, Democratic activist, actress.

Ellen’s producer dings Ivanka Trump 

“One thing that’s interesting about Ivanka is absolutely nothing.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show. (RELATED: When You’re Ivanka, Going To A Public Restroom Can Be An Ordeal)

Esquire writer questions God’s fairness  

“John Lewis has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Dick Cheney has a new fcking heart and, to borrow a line from Robin Williams, he doesn’t even have a cold. The Almighty needs an annual review here.” — Charles Pierce, lefty writer, Esquire.

Carl Reiner prays for Trump’s misfortune 

“Now I lay me down to sleep I pray your Good Lord doth find uncomfortable digs for our purloining President to live out a long unenviable life.” — Carl Reiner, Hollywood director.

How NPR says goodbye to Don Imus 

“Radio shock jock Don Imus, who once described women on the Rutgers University basketball team as ‘nappy-headed,’ has died. He was 79.” — NPR.

Travel Bitches: Journo is roasting in Lyft cars 

“Sup Twitter. Here to comlain. @lyft all of your drivers have their heat cranked up to insane levels and many drivers are refusing to resolve this issue. It’s over 50 degrees outside… I might switch back to @Uber if I continue to be suffocated by heat.” — Henry Rodgers, congressional reporter, The Daily Caller.

NYT Mag reporter: ‘Screw Field of Dreams’ 

“You know what? Screw Field of Dreams. I watched it w/ my kids last night and cannot tell you how much unfettered father/son romance bullshit I was subjected to as a girl. The wife as accessory for his middle aged ambivalence. Meanwhile, no one wants to watch Little Women. …God I’m in such a bad mood over this.” — Taffy Brodesser-Akner.

Kathy Griffin gets married on New Year’s Day

“Yes, we officially got married early this morning. I’m going to post the whole 15 minute ceremony on my YouTube page tomorrow. We are editing out the vows because we wanted those to be private and for us. The rest of it is just adorable.” — Kathy Griffin, comedian, Trump hater.

Hilary Rosen, lefty pundit, CNN contributor: “Congrats girl. So happy for you.”