Oklahoma Man Steals Truck With Goat From Porn Shop

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Kyle Hooten Contributor
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An Oklahoma man is now in custody after he stole a truck containing a sleeping passenger and a goat from a porn shop before leading police on a low-speed chase, Wednesday.

Investigators say Brandon Kirby, 40, began his crime spree in the early hours of the morning at an adult video store in Missouri. There, an arrest report alleges that Kirby stole a pickup truck which contained a sleeping man and the man’s pet goat, reports Newson 6 News.

The man who was asleep inside the vehicle says he didn’t wake until Kirby had driven him through part of Kansas and into Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, the passenger opened his eyes to discover Kirby holding him at gunpoint and getting high on meth, according to the arrest report.

Kirby eventually deposited his unwilling passenger (and the passenger’s pet goat) in Creek County, Oklahoma. While this was not the first mistake he made that day, it is the one which lead to his eventual arrest, as the freed passenger was able to use OnStar to report the vehicle stolen, according to Newson 6. (RELATED: This Mark Zuckerberg Story Involving A Goat May Be The Most Bizarre One Yet)

Brandon Kirby is presently in police custody in Oklahoma. (OK Dept. of Corrections/

Brandon Kirby is presently in police custody in Oklahoma. (OK Dept. of Corrections/

OnStar remotely slowed the pickup to about 15 miles an hour. Kirby then lead police on a slow speed chase before officers flattened his tires with a spike strip and pushed his stolen ride off the road.

In a last-ditch effort to evade arrest, Kirby dropped his gun and attempted to flee from the law before hiding in some tall grass along Highway 412, his arrest report shows.

This was not Kirby’s first encounter with crime. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections records show convictions in multiple Oklahoma counties, per Newson 6.