Geraldo Rivera Clashes With Fox & Friends Hosts Over Iran Strike: ‘This Guy Was Our Friend’ Six Months Ago

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera clashed Friday morning with the hosts of “Fox & Friends” over President Donald Trump’s strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani on Thursday.

“This is huge. That does not mean to say that I believe that this was a smart move,” Rivera said. “I think that what we have done, we have been fighting bees. Bees have been swarming all over us. We swat ’em here, we swat ’em there.”

“They attacked our bases, they took out the contractor, they wounded a bunch of other people, they’ve killed a lot of people over the years. What we have done is killed the Queen bee, the hive is now busted open,” he continued. “I fear the worst. I think that what we have done is unleash the bees to keep that metaphor going.”

Rivera and the hosts argued for several minutes, leading Rivera to claim, “Six months ago, Ainsley, this guy was our friend. Six months ago.”

“He was not our friend,” Brian Kilmeade said.

“We may not have loved him, but he was our ally in the fight against ISIS. Do you remember–do we remember ISIS? It’s like ISIS never existed. ISIS was the, had a caliphate, they were cutting people’s heads off…they were burning Americans. We know who ISIS is, who helped us defeat ISIS? This same guy…” Rivera said, leading Kilmeade to accuse him of making “excuses for Iran.”

“Dammit, I’m not making excuses, Brian. That’s absolute baloney!” Rivera snapped back. (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera Snaps Over CNN’s Attack On Fox News: ‘F*ck You And F*ck Russia’)

Watch the full segment:

Indeed, the strike on Iran has brought much celebration as well as some fear and allegations that Trump attacked Iran as a distraction.