Joe Biden Still Wants Coal Miners To Learn How To Code

Daily Caller

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Former Vice President and leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may have made a costly mistake regarding one particularly important region in America — coal country.

Repeating the agenda of his former boss and previous president, Barack Obama, Biden is still pushing for the retraining of coal miners to become computer programmers – despite the less than successful results of past attempts to do so.

In the video below, you’ll see Joe Biden essentially jumping on the infamous “learn to code” bandwagon that was started by journalists who told laid off coal miners to just “learn to code.” The notion of learning to code for workers in blue collar industries was considered insulting by many in or formerly in those fields. Watch this video and let us know how you feel about his remarks in the comments below. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Tries To Avoid Repeating Hillary Clinton’s Coal Miners Gaffe, Says They ‘Aren’t Our Enemies’)

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