The View Cheers Richard Spencer For Disavowing Trump

The View." Screen Shot/ABC

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“The View” hosts and audience cheered white supremacist Richard Spencer for disavowing Trump over increased U.S. tensions with Iran.

Spencer said Tuesday night that he regretted voting for Trump, blaming the president for Iran’s attack on a U.S. military base. (RELATED: Iraqis Celebrate In Streets, Praise Trump After Soleimani Death)

“What’s some good news?” “The View” co-host Joy Behar asked. “You remember Richard Spencer? He’s basically the organizer of ‘unite the right,’ the white nationalist group that was marching in Charlottesville, was all in for Trump. Not anymore!”

Behar then read Spencer’s anti-Trump tweet allowed to cheers from the audience. (RELATED: Top Democrats Reportedly Left In The Soleimani Killing)

“Wow!” Behar exclaimed. “That’s interesting. Trump ran on not invading and not being a warmonger. These people. They’re the ones that are gonna go.”


Behar’s fellow co-host Abby Huntsman then bemoaned the Trump administration’s strategy with regards to Iran and the Middle East.

“What is United States strategy coming from the White House?” she asked. “One day you’re pulling out of Syria, too soon I think in a lot of our opinions. And, then here we are with Iran.”

“What is the thinking? What is the long-term game here?” Huntsman continued.