Daniel Radcliffe Was Once Mistaken For A Homeless Man In New York City

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

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Actor Daniel Radcliffe claimed he once was mistaken for a homeless man while out in New York City.

Radcliffe, who is most known for his role as Harry Potter, appeared in Friday’s episode of “The Graham Norton Show,” according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s weird and funny, with some very odd moments,” Radcliffe said of being recognized everywhere he goes.

Even though he is recognized most of the time, sometimes he isn’t.

“I was in New York recently with my girlfriend and while she was in a shop, I was outside with our adopted dog,” he recalled of a time he was not recognized. “It was very cold, and I had on a hoodie, a fleece and then a big coat over the top.” (RELATED: Daniel Radcliffe Says Tom Brady Shouldn’t Retire, Should Take MAGA Hat Out Of His Locker)

“Because it was so cold, I knelt down to warm the dog and I saw this guy looking at me and then he walked past me,” Radcliffe continued. “But then he came back and handed me five dollars and said, ‘Get yourself a coffee mate.’ Apparently, I need to shave more often!”