Kellyanne Conway Blasts Democratic ‘Apologists’ For Iran, Wonders If Buttigieg Would Have Invited Soleimani ‘Into The Wine Cave’

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway had strong words for Democratic “apologists” for Iran — particularly former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg — during a Saturday night appearance on “Watters World.”

Speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters about Democratic criticism of President Donald Trump’s decision to order the drone strike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, Conway accused them of “becoming apologists for the bad guys.”

“I also think the 2020 crowd really didn’t know what to do with this because they’re stuck,” she said. “Nobody cares what they say. Nobody pays attention to these town halls anymore. They’re starting to feel the Bern again. The guy who beat Hillary in 22 contests in the primary is raising all this money and is in it to stay, and if you’re a socialist on economic policies, we know what your foreign policy is. They’re becoming apologists for the bad guys and that’s very disappointing.”

“Buttigieg, what did he want the president to do?” she asked. “Is he going to invite Soleimani into the wine cave? We think that we know where Soleimani is and belongs. We think [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi is looking very lonely in hell and needed a roommate.”

“Yeah I don’t think Mayor Pete would make it out of the wine cave alive if he was in there with Soleimani,” Watters joked. (RELATED: ‘Why Not Use This Opportunity To Say We’re Done?’ — Laura Ingraham Presses Trump On Leaving Iraq For Good)

Though Iran eventually admitted that “human error” was responsible for its downing of a plane headed to Ukraine on Wednesday, killing 176, Buttigieg blamed it on an “unnecessary and unwanted military tit for tat” presumably started by Trump.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren criticized Buttigieg last month for holding a wealthy donor fundraiser “in a wine cave full of crystals, and served $900 a bottle wine.”