WaPo Reporter: ‘A Lot Of Democrats Have Privately Said’ Pelosi’s Impeachment Strategy ‘Failed’

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Washington Post congressional reporter Rachael Bade said on ABC’s “This Week” that Democrats “have privately said” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to delay sending impeachment articles to the Senate was a “failed strategy.”

Although Pelosi herself has defended her decision to wait, host George Stephanopoulos told his panel, before turning to Bade, that there has been “a lot of skepticism on Capitol Hill.”

“Yeah, definitely,” said Bade. “She was clearly putting a positive spin on what a lot of Democrats have privately said was a failed strategy.”

The Washington Post reporter explained how Pelosi ended up getting none of her original wishes from the delay:

She and Chuck Schumer set out to, number one, try to get a commitment from McConnell on witnesses, firsthand witnesses to have them testify in a Senate trial. She also said she wanted to see a resolution about, you know, how the whole proceedings would be governed. She got neither of those.

As for revelations that have come about since the delay, such as former National Security Advisor John Bolton expressing his willingness to testify, Bade argued that those things “would have happened regardless.” (RELATED: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Explains Why ‘Democrats Are No Closer To Defeating Mr. Trump Than They Were Three Years Ago’)

“And in fact there might have even been more news focused on those things if everybody wasn’t asking ‘what is Nancy Pelosi doing for the articles?'” Bade observed. “So I do the think there are a lot of Democrats who, while not going on the record and saying it, a lot of them had concern about this.”