Classic Valentine’s Day Gifts With Modern Twists

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while it seems as though 2020 might be the year for a gift that’s off-the-wall and crazy enough to keep up with the political landscape, classic gifts are actually back in style.

Put a modern twist on something delightfully simple, and give your partner the gift of warm feelings, instead of the gift of a political outburst at the Starbucks counter.

When we think of February 14th, we usually fall back on these Valentine’s Day classics:

  • Valentine’s Card
  • Chocolates & Roses
  • Jewelry
  • Cologne/Perfume

These can all be thoughtful reminders of love, but with the following list we can go from ordinary to extraordinary by the end of the article (Valentine’s is very soon!).

1. Pop-Up Cards

Love Pop is the ‘Shark Tank’ backed greeting-card company with a modern twist, available at a more reasonable price than you may think.



If Kevin O’Leary jumped all over it, Love Pop must be onto something! For right around $10 (increasing for more complex designs), this new take on classic Valentine’s Day cards draws inspiration from Japanese origami to get loving messages across. Of course, you can have them add a message, or wait until receiving it to hand-write one in.

Most people aren’t aware of these cards just yet so chances are you’ll get a great shock-and-awe factor from your significant other. A pop-up flower, a romantic Eiffel Tower setting, or even a stuffed animal are all available.

2. Rose & Candy Gift Basket

Roses and sweets, a sure-fire way into anyone’s heart. But what if we could combine the two…impossible? Not with the Internet it’s not. Caramel apples, chocolates and red roses seems like an intricate, home-made gift for the ages. But, you can get it all packaged together for under $100.



An assortment of raspberry, passion fruit and caramel flavors combined with fragrant, red roses (don’t eat those) is exactly what the doctor–Cupid* ordered for Valentine’s Day. Combine this with your Pop-Up card and you should be all set!

3. French Macarons

You’ve probably seen these colorful numbers pop-up on your social media feed over the past couple years as they’ve exploded in popularity. The problem is, most people don’t know where to find them. This is what makes them a great gift to be delivered at the office for example, they are shareable and a conversation starter.

(via Creative Commons)

(via Creative Commons)

Good news is there are plenty available options for this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s Valentine’s specific or an assortment of colors you’re after, the new-found popularity of these bad boys makes the variety as abundant as it is unique. These are great for him or her, whomever has the sweet tooth.

4. Pocket Watch

Cool and classic, pocket watches are trending. Not because men have run out of ways to tell time, but because with a suit, in a briefcase or at the office, a pocket watch shows class and style.

(via Creative Commons)

(via Creative Commons)

These timeless pieces can come engraved (see link above), low-end or high-end, depending on your price range. As long as they do as originally intended (tell the time) and look interesting, any man will think this is one of the coolest gifts he’s ever received.

Now, he’s one or two items from officially declaring himself as 007, so be prepared for an inflated ego that lasts at least two weeks.

5. Perfume & Cologne

It’s hard to modernize this classic, the best we can do is update our knowledge of scents and trends for the modern era. For her, keep track of the major brands like Estée Lauder or Gucci. When in doubt, there are plenty of beauty blogs out there ready to send you to their affiliate websites for trending brands. Typically, around $100 + is the going rate for a popular perfume.


For men’s cologne on Valentine’s Day, they are more likely to connect with notable names rather than brands. Sure, a few of the major companies are recognizable, but for guys it’s more about feeling like George Clooney, David Beckham or maybe even Donald Trump. Whether an athlete or an actor, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the scent for him.

These classic Valentine’s Day gifts should keep things traditional enough for anyone, without feeling like the same old stuff. Either way, your partner will be thrilled you took the time to get them a gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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