Video Appears To Show Jessica Yaniv Physically Assaulting Someone Covering The Trans Activist’s Trial


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Jessica Yaniv appeared to be caught on camera Monday assaulting someone who was waiting outside the courthouse to capture a story on the trans activist’s ongoing trial.

Self-described journalist Keean Bexte claimed that Yaniv, who appeared in court on a nonlethal weapons charge, appeared to have the aid of law-enforcement in keeping certain reporters from observing the proceedings.

Bexte waited outside the courthouse in an attempt to get footage after the hearing was over, and Yaniv approached him, swearing at him and appearing to physically assault him. (RELATED: Bullet Points: Trans ‘Predator’ Arrested for Owning Taser; Joe Biden Plummets In Polls)

“J. Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head. Just spoke to police. Luckily there are two security cameras directly overhead at the courthouse. I need an advil,” Bexte tweeted.

Yaniv faces up to six months in prison for brandishing a taser in a YouTube video despite acknowledging that it was illegal.