Here’s The Champagne Bottle Screw-Up From ‘The Bachelor’ The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing About

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Bachelor Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVp2c-PAo1A)

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The ratings for “The Bachelor” decreased after the first episode of Peter Weber’s season, which saw a 20% increase from 2018’s premiere.

The audience size decreased from 6.03 million viewers to 5.37 million, according to a report published Tuesday by The Hollywood Reporter. The show also received a 1.6 rating, which was down from the 1.9 rating it was given last week.

The decrease could 100% be linked to the College Football National Championship game that aired on ESPN alongside the second episode. ABC’s “The Bachelor” is available to watch at a later date, so I can see why people would give up “Bachelor” Monday for football.

Girls can like football too.

However, if you didn’t tune in then you missed one hell of a dramatic night in the “Bachelor” universe. We had a whole debacle over a champagne bottle, which included crying and yelling. It ended with Kelsey opening a different bottle with Peter, which ended up all over her face. (RELATED: ‘The Bachelor’ Ratings Up 20% From Last Year’s Premiere)

Everyone knows you can’t sip out of a newly opened champagne bottle, besides Peter and Kelsey apparently.

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Who’s ready for tonight? ????

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After the rose ceremony, we were surprised with a group date, wait you’re going to be surprised, fashion show!! This show is so unpredictable, I swear. Anyway, all the girls complained about Hannah Ann the whole time which I honestly don’t get. The girl just knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

They should be more like her.