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Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Michael Avenatti Following The Porn Lawyer’s Arrest

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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One of the biggest thorns in Michael Avenatti‘s side has been Donald Trump Jr., who took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to stick it to the celebrity lawyer one more time.

For political watchers everywhere, the news about Avenatti being in the custody of federal agents was a welcome relief amid a mind-numbing Democratic debate on CNN. (RELATED: Avenatti Arrested, Embroiled In Another Legal Matter)

Trump Jr. wasted little time devouring Avenatti. After the news flashed that Avenatti — the former lawyer to porn star Stormy Daniels — was in an LA courtroom facing a swelter of legal issues, Trump Jr. waited just over an hour to smash him. Authorities arrested Avenatti at a California State Bar hearing for allegedly violating his bail.

Avenatti is best known for being the former attorney for Daniels, who sued President Donald Trump so she could talk openly about an alleged romp she says occurred between them in 2006. Daniels received $130K in hush money in exchange for keeping her mouth shut. Trump has always denied her allegation. Daniels received the money through Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who is now in prison for campaign finance violations relating to hush money deals.

Daniels was unsuccessful in her case against Trump and had to fork over thousands for his legal fees. However, she did strike gold when she sued Columbus, Ohio for allegedly violating her rights in 2018 by arresting her at a strip club. Police charged her with inappropriately touching patrons at Sirens Gentleman’s Club. Daniels settled with the city, reeling in $450K.

Avenatti briefly considered running for president in 2020, a move that was taken extremely seriously by the likes of CNN’s CHIEF Media Correspondent Brian Stelter. ABC’s The View co-host Ana Navarro once called him the “Holy Spirit.” (RELATED: Flashback — The Media Drooled Over Michael Avenatti)

In October, 2018, Avenatti hilariously challenged Trump Jr. to a “three-round, mixed martial arts” fight. This was after Trump Jr. publicly called Avenatti a “total low-life.”

At the time, Avenatti snapped back, “I think it is obvious that you barely made it through Penn, which happens to be where I went as well. Let’s both publicly release our complete Penn transcripts on Fri. so people can compare.”

In November, 2018, Trump Jr. helped pump out the news that Avenatti had been arrested on alleged felony domestic violence charges.

In March, 2019, the two men were still feuding after Avenatti got his ass handed to him by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Prosecutors were charging Avenatti with extortion over a situation with Nike in which the ex-porn star’s lawyer was allegedly trying to demand money from the company.

Trump Jr. taunted him on Twitter, writing, “Hey Michael Avenatti, it looks like you’ll be the one spending time behind bars after all. …Good news for my friend [Michael Avenatti], if you plead fast enough, you might just get to share a cell with Michael Cohen.”

Avenatti had long predicted Trump Jr.’s demise over his involvement with his father’s alleged colluding with Russia, which never panned out in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

The latest is Trump Jr.’s way of needling an old enemy.