Herman Cain Reacts To Project Veritas Video: Bernie Sanders Is A ‘Communist,’ His Supporters Are ‘Planning Violence’

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Former presidential candidate Herman Cain appeared on Saturday night’s “Watters World” to discuss the latest Project Veritas video.

The undercover video, released Tuesday, showed a Bernie Sanders campaign organizer talking about cities burning and Soviet gulag-style reeducation camps for Trump supporters. As he introduced the segment, Fox News host Jesse Watters pointed out that if a “Trump campaign staffer talking about burning down cities and beating up cops, it would be all over the nightly news.”

“It says desperation and ignorance,” Cain responded. “I believe that this field guy knows Bernie is not going to get the nomination, not only because Republicans don’t want him to get the nomination, but Democrats don’t want him to get the nomination because he’s a devout Communist, period. Some people try to sweeten and call it socialist. Desperation. Secondly, ignorance of what the real American people believe. They are not buying this socialist message. And this guy knows it. So they are already planning violence and destruction.”

While Watters had earlier acknowledged the fact that this was only one low-level staffer, the former Godfather’s CEO later contended that such talk is par for the course considering “some of the other statements that Bernie has made.”

“So his staff is in a desperate mode, and they are planning violence because he is not going to win,” he said. (RELATED: Do Bernie Bros Have A History Of Violence?)

After Watters played a clip from the video, both discussed how difficult it would be to “reeducate” people in the U.S.

“The people of this country, the real people, not the wackos that are following Bernie or supporting Bernie, they know better,” said Cain. “They are not going to buy the socialist ideas, and I believe that that’s what his staff members are beginning to realize, so they are planning the next phase which is violence and destruction, and that is a sad commentary.”

“Imagine if they try to put Herman and Watters in a gulag,” Watters quipped. “Not going to go so well.”