Joe Biden Tells Morning Joe His Late Son, ‘Beau Should Be The One Running For President, Not Me’

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Former Vice President Joe Biden said on MSNBC Wednesday that his late son, Beau “should be the one running for president,” in 2020, not him.

“Joe, Beau should be the one running for president, not me,” Biden said in response to Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough’s question about the impact his son still has on his life. “Every morning, I get up, Joe, not a joke, I think to myself, is he proud of me? ” (RELATED: Jerry Nadler: Hunter Biden ‘Not A Relevant Witness’ At Impeachment Trial)

“He’s the one who wanted me to stay engaged,” he continued. “Made me promise, ‘promise me, dad, you’ll stay engaged.’ Didn’t mean I had to run from president but he was worried I’d walk away from what I worked on my whole life, since I was 24 years old.”

Biden added that Beau “is a part of me, and so is my surviving son, Hunter.”

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate told Scarborough he would “be amazed at the number of people that come up with me in the rope line.”

“I mean hundreds of people at a time, and they’ll throw their arms around me, men and women saying, ‘I just lost my son, I just lost my daughter, I lost my wife,’ and all they want to know is that it is — that you can make it. The way you make it is that you find purpose and you bring that — you realize they’re inside you. They’re part of you.”