‘Obviously A Coordinated Stunt’: Jesse Watters Slams Bolton Leak As A ‘Hatchet Job’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters dismissed new information about former National Security Adviser John Bolton, saying that the timing made it automatically suspect.

The latest “bombshell” — a leak from the manuscript of Bolton’s upcoming book that reportedly contradicted President Donald Trump’s defense team with regard to withholding aid from Ukraine on condition of an investigation into the Bidens — came up on Monday’s “The Five,” and Watters was not the only one who felt that the news was perfectly timed. (RELATED: Bill Hemmer Has To Ask Impeachment Manager Three Times Why The House Didn’t Subpoena John Bolton)


Dana Perino noted that she had said last Friday that she expected something to come out over the weekend. “I predicted this on Friday,” she began. “I would not be surprised if by Sunday night there is another one of these little leaks because the Democrats realize — they know that this president is going to be acquitted, but they are going to figure out a way to make it very difficult for them as much as they possibly can and this happens on Sunday night.”

Juan Williams added that the Bolton news appeared to be part of a pattern, saying, “One thing that strikes me is, picking up on what Dana said in her accurate prediction, we’ve had the Lev Parnas thing come out, we’ve had the OMB email about the money being withheld after the phone call. We have the GAO saying this was illegal. Now we’ve got Bolton and he’s naming names? It’s like a drip, drip, drip.”

“Exactly!” Watters laughed.

“Where do you go…” Dagen McDowell tried to continue, then shook her head and laughed. She turned to Williams and asked, “Do you know why we are laughing?”

“Tell me,” Williams said.

“It’s obviously a coordinated stunt, Juan,” Watters said.

“Wait, wait, wait, but Bolton and his lawyers …” Williams protested.

“Here’s why I’m not buying this Bolton stuff,” Watters continued. “I’ve been here long enough to know that this is a hatchet job. How many perfectly-timed, cherry-picked revelations have been leaked, perfectly timed to help the Democrats, to the New York Times?”

“Jim Comey!” McDowell interjected.

Watters continued, “Are these the same sources that said there was Russian collusion?”

Greg Gutfeld weighed in as well, saying that the timing of the leaks may actually provide more information than the person leaking it.

“We don’t know who leaks it. We know why. The timing tells you why, in order to nail the president … it’s like another bomb shell. The media has TBD, Terminal Bombshell Disease,” he concluded.