Mark Steyn: Don Lemon Believes ‘Tens Of Millions’ Of Trump Supporters ‘Are Stupid’

Fox News

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Conservative author Mark Steyn said Tuesday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carson Tonight” that Don Lemon and others on CNN believe “tens of millions of Americans are stupid.”

Steyn and Tucker Carlson were commenting on a CNN segment from Saturday in which host Don Lemon and his panel lampooned supporters of President Donald Trump as ignorant rubes with little knowledge of geography and who speak with exaggerated Southern accents. (RELATED: CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘The Biggest Terror Threat In This Country Is White Men’)

Carlson noted that the video speaks for itself. “There are a lot of lessons you can take from that tape which is all over the internet and should play it again and again because … the things they are accusing you of, not generally but specifically, are exactly the things they are guilty of themselves. They are projecting, they are externalizing their own internal problems and neuroses and laying them at your feet. You’re a racist, say people who attack you for your skin color. You’re an idiot, says Don Lemon and that other guy with the beard.”

Carson recalled that it was Lemon who once wondered “whether a missing airliner might have flown into a black hole … Don Lemon, the man who sincerely believes that the fruit-based cold desert is pronounced ‘sor-bet’ is calling you stupid.”

Steyn quipped, “That’s CNN flying the Democrats into the black hole,” adding that “This is how you get more Trump. They might as well re-label the panel the Trump re-election committee.  That’s what they are doing. This is actually the bipartisan establishment condescension summed up completely. Sixty-three million people are credulous rubes according to these guys.”(RELATED: Mark Steyn Ridicules ‘Totalitarian’ Green New Deal With Tucker Carlson)


Qasem Soleimani (MEHDI GHASEMI/ISNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Steyn suggested that Lemon and his panel were being hypocritical when they suggested Trump voters will believe anything. “By the way, the black hole theory, things like that come by every day on CNN and MSNBC. Just the other day, [MSNBC host] Lawrence O’Donnell suggested that Trump killed General [Qasem] Soleimani as a favor to [former National Security Advisor] John Bolton so Bolton would agree not to testify in the Senate impeachment … If Bolton doesn’t go for that, Trump might have to drone Justin Trudeau.”

“It’s not just a public policy difference anymore. It’s just that they’re stupid. It used to be just that Republican presidents were stupid,” Steyn added. “Now, they’re saying that tens of millions of Americans are stupid, and in a democratic age that’s actually not going to help the people who advance that theory.”

The president responded to the video on Tuesday, calling Lemon “the dumbest man on television” in a tweet, adding that the CNN host as “terrible ratings.” Lemon has compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.