Meghan McCain Blows Off Impeachment Drama, Calls It ‘A Bad Use Of Congress’ Time’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain claimed Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s trial wasn’t changing anyone’s opinion on impeachment.

McCain, during a segment of ABC’s “The View,” said that the cases presented both by the House managers and Trump’s defense team were only serving to reinforce what people already believed. (RELATED: ‘I Was Laughing My A** Off’: Meghan McCain Mocks ‘Garbage’ NYT For Double Endorsement)


“I watched a bit of Pam Bondi yesterday when I was home, and I along with 51% of the American public according to 538 — which is a pollster by the way that works for ABC News just in case you want to question this poll,” McCain said. “51% of the American people think the impeachment process is a bad use of Congress’ time. I watched Pam Bondi yesterday and I thought it was effective in the sense that we’re talking about Hunter Biden on the show today, and it’s trying to push the that narrative in a different direction. Hunter Biden was a problem for the Obama Administration which it came out that they thought his relationship with Burisma was a problem.”

But overall, McCain felt that neither side was going to drive the needle very far in any direction. “I think we’re all in our lanes. If you think President Trump should be hauled out in golden handcuffs, that’s what you think from this. If you think this is a waste of Congress’ time, that’s what you think as well. I don’t think it’s moving the needle one way or the other.”

“I’m more interested in the fact that Bernie Sanders is surging everywhere,” McCain concluded, noting that the election, not impeachment, is what she and her friends and family had been discussing. “I think the average American, no matter which side, is probably looking at what happens in 2020. The Iowa caucus is in six days.”