These Long-Lasting Roses Are A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Flowers are a beautiful thing to give and receive on Valentine’s Day — but most roses fade and wilt within just a few days. These unbelievably beautiful fresh roses, however, are guaranteed to last longer, meaning whoever you send them to will get to enjoy them for up to a year (really). That also means less waste and the chance to enjoy lovely roses year-round.

Rosephoria 24-Rose Round Box Arrangement

With 24 beautiful roses packaged inside a luxurious round velvet box, this arrangement from Rosephoria is sure to impress. Before the roses dry, they go through a pigmentation process that preserves them for a year.

Find it here for $215.

The same gorgeous roses are available in a square box, too.

Find it here for $215.

Mini White Boxes with Roses

A perfect surprise to send to a loved one’s office, these roses come from Ecuador and are carefully preserved to stay fresh for a full year without any maintenance. They come with five extra-large roses with beautifully vibrant, velvety petals.

Find it here for $89.25.

Rose Box™ 4-Rose Jewelry Box

Feminine and stately, this Rose Box™ 4-rose jewelry box features four beautifully symmetrical roses packed into a clear jewelry box. Sourced from Ecuador, they’ll stay fresh for a year — and when the roses have served their purpose, you can still use the box for trinkets.

Find it here for $134.25.

Rose Box™ Velvet Gray Box & Long-Lasting Roses


Totally sophisticated and posh-looking year round, this Rose Box™ velvet gray box arrangement features ten extra-large, silky white roses in a sleek gray velvet box—an ideal alternative for someone who wants something different than classic red roses.

Find it here for $149.25.

There’s a similar option available with nine to ten extra-large white roses in a sparkling gold box.

Find it here for $186.75.


Medium White Box with Roses

These classic red roses come in a medium-sized white box—not too large, not too small, just perfectly right for people who want something eye-catching without being intrusive. Each medium box contains 20-24 roses that last for a year.

Find it here for $224.25.

Mini Gold Box with 5 Long-Lasting Roses

Ideal for the holidays or anyone who loves an extra-glamorous touch, this mini gold box with 5 long-lasting roses comes in a glitzy gold box that’s sure to catch the eyes of anyone passing by. It’s perfect perched on a desk or countertop for a lovely accent.

Find it here for $111.75.

Red Everlasting Rose

Let a loved one live out their Disney princess dreams with this Red Everlasting Rose. A single, perfectly preserved rose is hand-selected and stands frozen in timeless beauty behind a glass case.

Find it here for $116.

Large Black Box with Long-Lasting Roses

If you’re looking to give the ultimate gift of roses, look no further than this mega-sized arrangement. The contrast of the stately black box to the bright red roses is stunning — and it comes packed with 36-42 roses that last a full year.

Find it here for $299.99.

Prices subject to change.