Sen. Tim Kaine Says ‘This Vote Is To See If This Is A Trial Or A Sham’

Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images/ Daily Caller

Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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In a Wednesday press briefing following the last day of President Donald Trump’s defense counsels’ arguments, Senate Democrats reiterated that the Friday vote, is a vote on whether or not a “fair trial,” will be allowed to occur.

When asked by a reporter what the incentive was for Senate Republicans who are facing reelection in states that support President Trump, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responded with, “Two words, fair trial.

The vote will determine whether or not new witnesses will be allowed to testify during the impeachment trial of President Trump.

Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine argued that in order for this to be a trial — documents and witnesses need to be brought forward in the Senate.

“Before there is a vote on conviction or acquittal, there is going to be vote on whether this is a trial or a sham.”

And speaking to reporters after the press briefing Sen. Kaine said, “They’re making passionate arguments, on the white house side, but they are undercutting their arguments by fighting like the devil – keeping us from seeing the facts.”

The impeachment trial continues today with the first round of questions and answers, a process that will continue through tomorrow. (Related: Sen. Kaine Says The Impeachment Trial Won’t Hurt Joe Biden’s Campaign)

Questions will be submitted to Chief Justice John Roberts in writing, who will then pose the question by reading them out loud.

Four Republican Senators will need to vote in favor of permitting witness testimony in order for any witnesses to be called to testify.