‘I’m Cutting You Off’: Whoopi Goldberg Mocks And Interrupts Alan Dershowitz, Then Accuses Him Of Disrespect


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg repeatedly interrupted Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz when he appeared on Wednesday’s “The View” — and then accused him of being disrespectful.

Following a question from cohost Joy Behar, Goldberg made it clear that she was not listening to anything Dershowitz had to say, interrupting and mocking him on several occasions. (RELATED: 3 Times ‘The View’ Hosts Blatantly Lied On TV In Less Than An Hour)


“You still don’t think any of this is impeachable,” Behar began. “But the only people who actually agree with you are on your defense team. And 75% of Americans want to hear from Bolton. So why should we listen to you?”

“Well, I made the Constitutional arguments,” Dershowitz responded, saying that his sole charge had been to address the Constitutional issues in play.

“I would have been making exactly the same argument if Hillary Clinton had been elected president and if she had been impeached for abuse of power, obstruction of Congress. In fact, I started doing my research on impeachment and decided to write a book when Hillary Clinton was in the lead and it looked like she would be elected and the Republicans were yelling lock her up and impeach her,” Dershowitz explained.

“I was going ask you, say, according to what I’m reading you’re the only Constitutional scholar who goes with that line. There is not one other that agrees with you, not one.” Behar pushed back.

“Let me be very clear about that. In 1867 the Dean of the Columbia law school —” Dershowitz began. (‘That’s My Point’: Alan Dershowitz Gets Sunny Hostin To Help Him Argue Against Impeachment Witnesses)

“Wait, Alan. In 1492, you know, Columbus sailed the seas of blue,” Goldberg interrupted in a singsong voice, waving her hands and shaking her head. “But I need to move on.”

“No, no, no, you’re not going to get me to move on until I make this point —” Dershowitz protested.

Goldberg pushed back, interrupting again and saying that Dershowitz needed to “move faster” because there were four people waiting to ask questions.

“I have to make this point,” Dershowitz insisted, and continued as the look on Goldberg’s face made it clear that she was not impressed.

Goldberg spoke over Dershowitz as he continued, “Shortly after the Constitution was enacted the Dean of the Columbia Law School said that the weight of authority was in favor of it being a crime. Now the academics all say it isn’t. Why? Because Donald Trump is being impeached. If Hillary Clinton were being impeached, they’d all be on my side,” he argued.

“That’s just baloney. That’s just baloney,” Behar interjected.

“Are you done?” Goldberg asked. “Okay. You’re saying you need a crime or criminal-like behavior —”

“Not me. That’s what the framers said, of the Constitution —” Dershowitz pushed back.

“So I’m moving you on or I’m cutting you off,” Goldberg shot back as the audience cheered. “One or the other is going to happen. I don’t want to make this contentious but we only have several minutes. You’re laughing. I’ve always been respectful to you and you’ve always been respectful to me.”

“I am, I’m very respectful to you,” Dershowitz agreed as they moved on to the next question.