10 Different Pet Products To Please Your Pup (Or Cat)

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We could spend most hours of the day with our pets — but no matter how well you think you know your dog or cat, they could still be a little bit of a mystery. Whether you’re still uncertain about their breed, are at a loss over how to keep them entertained or just want to find all means possible to make sure they’re comfortable, we’ve rounded up ten essential pet-related products that will help keep your furry pal as well-cared for and comfortable as possible.

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

From personality traits to DNA composition, breed mix and predisposition to disease, this DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test tells you all that information and more with a simple cheek swab. With a single DNA sample, you’ll get detailed reports in two weeks or less to keep your dog as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Find it here for $59.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

If you really want to finally nail down your dog’s breed, check out this Embark Dog DNA Test Kit. It also tells you whether your pup has any nearby relatives and gives you an all-inclusive report of your dog’s genetic background, covering its breed and ancestry.

Find it here for $174.99.

Playball Automatic Ball Launcher + 8 Balls

If you ever feel guilty that your dog wants to keep playing fetch beyond your ability to keep up, this Playball Automatic Ball Launcher + 8 Balls will keep your pup entertained without needing to tire you out in the process too. There are three different throw settings and it can launch balls up to 20 feet.

Find it here for $84.99.

brklz™ Galactic Swarovski Pastel Dog Collar Clip

If your dog has a flair for fashion, help them accessorize with this glitzy brklz™ Galactic Swarovski Pastel Dog Collar Clip. With a light blue Swarovski crystal pendant and 24K gold plating, it’s sure to help your dog stand out from the rest of the dog park.

Find it here for $33.99.

EZ-PET Retractable Leash with Bag Dispenser

There’s no need to make walks a tug and pull battle: this EZ-PET Retractable Leash with Bag Dispenser lets you decide how far your pet can walk ahead without needing to yank the leash back. Ideal for medium-sized and smaller dogs, this leash also includes a roll of 20 bag dispensers which lets you clean up after them too.

Find it here for $19.99.

Shed Defender® Original: The World’s First Onesie for Dogs (Black)

The Shed Defender® is the ultimate all-in-one product: it soothes anxiety, contains shed and keeps your pup warm, all at once. Made from eco-friendly, lightweight and breathable athletic mesh fabric, it helps your dog feel more secure and keeps them clean in the process.

Find it here for $33.99.

Dog Bed

Every pooch deserves a Dog Bed like this one: it measures 26 inches long and 22 inches wide, making it the perfect size for most dogs. Plus, it’s ultra plush and soft (meaning they won’t be hogging your bed anymore).

Find it here for $19.

Cordless Pet Grooming Vacuum

The only thing that might be annoying about owning a dog: the endless shedding. This gentle Cordless Pet Grooming Vacuum collects pet hair in a mess-free way, without harsh wire bristles, snagging, pulling or generally scaring your pup about the grooming process.

Find it here for $17.50.

EZ-PET Shampoo Dispensing Grooming Brush

Make bath time less of a hassle with this EZ-PET Shampoo Dispensing Grooming Brush: the soft silicone bristles are gentle on their fur and skin, and you can remove your pet’s shedding hair easily. It can be used for bathtime and also for massages — the perfect tool to keep your pet clean and comfy.

Find it here for $15.

EZ-PET Smart Programmable Automatic Feeder

If you’re going away for a few hours or a day and want to make sure your pet is properly fed, look no further than this EZ-PET Smart Programmable Automatic Feeder. The feeder is integrated with the Made4Pets app, so you can dispense meals and keep your pet excited about eating time with a voice record and play function.

Find it here for $79.99.

Prices subject to change.

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