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Patriots Impeachment Weekly Wrap-Up: Dead Impeachment Walking

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The Senate prepared for a vote late Friday on whether to continue the trial without additional witnesses or documents.

After lengthy opening statements from the House impeachment managers — and slightly less lengthy statements from President Donald Trump’s defense team — the Senate trial moved to the question-and-answer period, followed by Friday’s vote on calling additional witnesses.

While the end result — the Senate ultimately voting to acquit the president — still appears to be more of a formality than a question, the date and time of that vote has not yet been announced.

As always, the Daily Caller wades through the most recent stories to break down the most important details and new information.

The key players:

  • Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul became the first to have his question rejected by Chief Justice John Roberts, who presided over the whole affair, not just once but twice. Paul responded by releasing the question publicly anyway.

  • New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik drew attention to the often-forgotten 18th witness, called by the House Democrats, whose transcripts were never made public: the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

  • Lead House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff delivered his final statements from the Senate floor, saying that future generations would ask, “Why didn’t we consider the evidence when we had the chance?” but laying all of the blame on the Senate instead of addressing his own failure to call witnesses when he had the chance.

  • House Impeachment Manager Jerry Nadler appeared to steal a moment from Schiff, taking the mic over his colleague’s objections.

  • A brief glimpse of bipartisan support as North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows offered support to Nadler as he left Washington to be with his wife in her fight against pancreatic cancer.

The White House response:

The hot takes:

  • Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe fired off a “we told them so” as it became more and more clear that the Senate would vote against calling witnesses.

  • Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs called the entire process “vindictive” on the part of Schiff, laying out several of the issues he saw with the way the impeachment had been executed.

  • Chuck Woolery highlighted a bit of honesty from CNN: “The American people are not looking at this impeachment like we are.”

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took her frustrations out on the president’s defense team.

Public response:

Although Americans across the board still appeared to be in favor of hearing from at least a few witnesses, the opposition to removing the president from office ticked over 50%.

Check back next week for the latest up-to-the-minute information, commentary and related content — or to see how it all ended (?).


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