Unfit To Print Episode 39: CNN Mocks Rural Trump Supporters

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN proved they learned nothing from the 2016 election when they aired a segment with a group of elitists mocking supporters of President Donald Trump.

The condescending cable news cretins still don’t get why Trump supporters wanted to shake up the system — people like them have been in power for decades and yet have done nothing substantial for working class Americans. (RELATED: It Took This CNN Panel Just 80 Seconds To Show What They Really Think Of Trump Voters)


CNN anchor Don Lemon made it even worse when he tried to lie to viewers about what they watched. Lemon claimed that he didn’t really hear the jokes being made, even as he laughed along and praised Rick Wilson for his comments.


In this episode, Amber Athey also talks about the media’s rush to be first to the story rather than being right. This played out in the aftermath of the tragic death of NBA star Kobe Bryant.


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