‘Comfortably Smug’ Twitter Account Suspended For Asking ‘Where’s Hunter, Fat?’

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Town & Country

Lindsay Wigo Contributor
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A popular Twitter account known as “Comfortably Smug,” run by a man named Shashank Tripathi, was apparently suspended Monday from Twitter for violating the site’s rules on “abuse and harassment” after tweeting about Hunter Biden.

Smug Industries tweeted out a screenshot Monday morning of a tweet from Comfortably Smug’s personal account Feb. 1 that read, “Where’s Hunter, Fat???”

The original tweet has since been removed. According to Twitter’s stated policies, temporary bans of this nature “can range from 12 hours to 7 days.” The suspension comes as the Iowa Caucuses for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary are underway Monday.

The question of “Where’s Hunter, Fat?” stems from a past event that has turned into a political meme in certain circles on social media platforms. At an Iowa campaign event in December, videos of Joe Biden appearing to say “Look, Fat” circulated after a voter questioned his son Hunter’s connection to Ukraine.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been interrogated about his son numerous times and often gets angry with reporters for asking about the situation. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Ordered To Explain Why He Shouldn’t Be Held In Contempt Of Court)

This is not the first time that Smug has tweeted about Hunter Biden.

“It’s alarming to see an organization that pretends to promote free and fair dialogue around elections put a finger so heavily on the scale in favor of the Biden campaign the day of the Iowa Caucuses,” a spokesman for Smug Industries told the Daily Caller.

Twitter has been under fire before for suppressing conservative content on their site. In 2017, Twitter pulled a campaign video for Sen. Marsha Blackburn that expressed she wanted to investigate Planned Parenthood. In August of 2019, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign Twitter account was suspended for two days after the account shared a video of protesters yelling obscenities and threats outside of his door. Twitter deemed that the video went against the company’s guidelines.

“Mr. Smug was simply asking a question that countless journalists have asked, all while using Biden’s own verbiage,” the spokesman said. “Twitter’s election interference and blatant effort to repeatedly silence conservative critics is sure to have a chilling effect on the critical discourse and civic engagement that makes America the country it is.”

A representative for Twitter reminded the Daily Caller that its “Rules and Policies” allow the company to lock users out of their accounts if they violate the code of conduct.

Editor’s note: This piece has been updated to include the name of the person behind the “Comfortably Smug” Twitter account as it is already public knowledge.