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Journo Endures Barefoot Nose-Picker On Flight

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Quote of the Day:

“A dude sent me my own story as an example of something I should investigate.” 

Jeremy Jojola, investigative reporter, 9NEWS, Denver, Colo.

‘Idiot’ and ‘Moron’: Trump’s Magnificent Kansas City gaffe 

“Congratulations, Missouri!! Sorry he’s an idiot.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

“That thing when you spend millions of dollars on a Super Bowl TV ad and then one tweet blows up your entire investment because you’re a fucking moron.” — Rick Wilson, GOP media guy, author, #NeverTrumper. And this: “Remember when the Maga world lost their shit because I called Donald Trump out for not being able to find Ukraine on a map?”

“Kansàs de Ciudad no esta Bañgladesho.” — Miguel Bloombito, parody account.

“For fucks sake, buy a map.” — Liz Mair, communications strategist.

MOOD: “The president is lying. He is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.” — a quote to CNN’s Daniel Dale from Mike Bloomberg‘s spokeswoman Julie Wood after Trump mocked Bloomberg’s height to Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

Reporter congratulates everyone on January sobriety 

“Congrats to everyone who made it to the end of Dry January. YOU CRUSHED IT. And doesn’t it feel great? For those interested in learning more about sobriety, or just chatting about it, I’m always happy to talk. Sobriety doesn’t just have to be 1 month a year, it can be all 12.” — Jack Posobiec, One America News Network.

The Washington Post has ‘dweebie’ men 

“’There’s a dweeby beta-male quotient at the Post. They’re not openly macho,’ a female staffer said. ‘There’s an understated respectability that is secretly pernicious and sexist operating in that place.'” — HuffPost story on WaPo’s “sexist” culture by Emily Peck.

Marin Cogan shares anecdote about someone destroying her name 

“I did a radio interview recently where I clarified my name on air, and the host started off strong, but devolved over time, so by the end of the interview, I was Marn Coogan. I became Irish!” — Marin Cogan, writer, Pop-Up Mag, Date Lab columnist, WaPo.

On Bill Kristol being a closeted Dem… 

“No one thought you were in the closet, Bill.” — Ben Domenech, publisher, The Federalist. (RELATED: Out of Political Closet: Bill Kristol Says He’s A Democrat)

John Kerry will never live this ‘fucking’ tweet down 

Publicist Kurt Bardella runs into the arms of the Democrats  

“I am so grateful that I’ve been welcomed with open arms into the Democratic Party by people I admire like @RonaldKlain & @GovHowardDean.” — Kurt Bardella, former publicist for places such as The Daily Caller, Breitbart News and House GOP Leadership.

Media Matters dude whines about having to watch Jeanine Pirro 

“Look, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a good person, but I deserve better than drawing Pirro duty two weeks in a row.” — Matthew Gertz, senior fellow, Media Matters for America, a “media” watchdog arm of the Democratic Party whose sole mission is to critique and bring down Fox News.

Twitter Babies

Crying baby/Shutterstock/Jaromir Chalabala.

“I’ll stop mentioning this soon, I swear, but out of all the things I’ve done to make social media better–no alerts, taking breaks, only using Twitter on desktop–by far the best has been not seeing responses from people who don’t follow me. No drive-by hatred. It’s nice.” — Karol Markowicz, columnist, New York Post.

Javelin publicist Vanessa Santos cracked, “Why don’t you people just sign off Twitter if you’re taking a break? Why do you have to announce it? NOBODY CARES!”

Rush Limbaugh has troubling health news

Travel Bitches: Journo copes with nose picker 


“Currently on a ✈sitting next to the most disgusting dude ever. First took his shoes off, then *repeatedly* picked his nose & ate it (no, he’s not 6) now he’s picking his nose, scalp & flicking it. Feel like I’m in a candid camera sketch. #sendprayers.”  — Rita Panahi, columnist, The Herald Sun, Victoria Australia.

Dave Portnoy has issues with idiotic travelers 

“I don’t know why but people who break simple TSA rules like not taking their laptop out of their bags or trying to bring liquids through security infuriate me. Like I’m talking I want them waterboarded on the spot. It’s harsh I know but also fair.” — Dave Portnoy, chief, Barstool Sports.

MSNBCer Kasie Hunt angry at Delta and Trump

Jon Levine is a reporter for the New York Post.

Gossip Roundup 

Washington Examiner fires its breaking news editor. The reason is strange. Here.

How many lines… it took New York Mag to bring up Eliot Spitzer in a profile on Pete Buttigieg‘s captivating senior campaign adviser Lis Smith: 2. Here.

Journalists Being Treated Badly 

Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag: “Trump rally in Iowa is a total logistical shitshow. Dozens of pre-credentialed members of the press were forced to wait outside for over an hour (it’s 30 degrees) while staffers intermittently came out and yelled at us. Then, with no explanation, they permanently shut the doors.”

When a Trump flack challenged her account… she wrote, “This is false. Dozens of reporters present can confirm that staff yelled at press. And I did reach out to you. But thank you for playing!”

Connie Schultz, wife of Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), syndicated columnist, journalism prof: “Tonight I watched journalists in our nation’s capital roped off and rerouted so that Republican senators who voted for no witnesses in this trial could scurry off without explaining their votes to the American people. If you think this is OK, you no longer believe in America.”

Charlotte Clymer, publicist, Human Rights Campaign, transgender activist: “Apparently, angry Johnny Depp fans are bizarrely rage-tweeting at me over my friendship with Amber Heard, inexplicably and cruelly claiming I wasn’t raped, and demanding a statement from me in response to all this. Here’s my statement: ‘Fuck you.'” Clymer added, “For those in need of a further inquiry on these matters, I refer to you up your own ass for a comment.”

‘Glorified…strippers’: Blaze journos unhappy with Super Bowl’s hot show 

“Can y’all put your clothes back on?” — Chris Pandolfo, web producer, BlazeMedia PR.

“Glorified Puerto Rican flag clad strippers parading around in r-rated halftime show at USA’s biggest TV even. Who exactly was this performance for? Not people who love America. I’m glad the demise of our country is worth reaching your target demo, which is obviously changing.” — Jon Miller, BlazeTV host.

Fox News’s Janice Dean didn’t like it either… 

“Am I a prude to say I’m kinda glad my 11 year old and 9 year old boys didn’t watch the halftime show? I don’t really want to have to explain a stripper pole just yet.” — Janice Dean, meteorologist, Fox News.

Neither did Trump supporter Franklin Graham…

“I don’t expect the world to act like the church, but our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time TV in order to protect children. We see that disappearing before our eyes. It was demonstrated in tonight‘s @pepsi #SuperBowl Halftime Show—w/millions of kids watching.” — Franklin Graham, Christian evangelist, son of the late Billy Graham.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough snapped at Graham, tweeting, “So it’s cool when Trump does it but not when a soft drink company does? Why would you suddenly find your bearings over an ad when you’ve been preaching moral relativism over a president for years? What a joke.”

Rudy Giuliani: Oops!”

“I had a slip earlier and wrote Jay Waldman for Jay Sekulow. Judge Waldman was one of my best friends and he and Jay Sekulow remind me of each other. Brilliant lawyers, very honest men and true constitutional conservatives. We lost the Judge prematurely and I miss him everyday.” — Rudy Giuliani, sometimes lawyer, President Trump.


“Animals absolutely love me & I think it’s 50% good vibes & 50% me scratching them with my hoe nails. A.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, writes for Penthouse, Washington Babylon, former sexting partner to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).

Bette Midler unloads on Trump 

“STFU, you impeached-for-life dimwit. He MADE his money HIMSELF, and is morally, financially, and intellectually worth 100 of you. ‘Really not fair’? coming from the likes of you, you fraud? What the fuck do you know about fairness, you lying cheating backstabbing traitor??” — Bette Midler on Trump’s cracks on Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg.

Humblebrag: Jeff Bezos shows off meeting Lizzo 


Ex-Rep. Katie Hill honors her bro 

“Yesterday, we laid my 20 year old little brother to rest. Today, we celebrate his life – thank you to all the friends and family joining us. Tomorrow, we start learning to live and love and laugh again. I will do my best to live in your honor, bro.” — Katie Hill, former Democratic member of Congress from California.