‘I’m Beginning To See Why Your Wife Left You’: Joe Biden Quips To Iowa Rally Prankster


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Vice President Joe Biden responded to repeated questions from an Iowa rally attendee by saying, “I’m beginning to see why your wife left you.”

During a campaign stop Saturday in Iowa, a young man asked Biden for marriage advice after explaining that his wife was divorcing him. Biden promised to speak with him after the event, at which point the man asked for an answer “now,” saying something about the fact that they “were live.” (RELATED: Joe Biden: Trump Impeachment Isn’t ‘Partisan’ Even If It’s A ‘Party Line Vote’)

In a odd moment during @JoeBiden’s remarks, a man stands up & asks Biden for advice on how to get his wife back who recently left him.

Biden says he will spend time with him after, but when he refuses to sit, Biden says “I’m beginning to see why you’re wife left you.” pic.twitter.com/OVT3L2cXl7

That man, according to several sources, was identified as Jason Selvig of the comedy duo The Good Liars — and Biden’s wasn’t the only campaign event he crashed.

At an event for entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Selvig reportedly asked Yang for the money in his wallet.

The guy who asked @JoeBiden how to get his wife back appears to be the same guy who asked @AndrewYang for the money in his wallet. And now, he’s at an @SenWarren event in Cedar Rapids. Will mischief follow? https://t.co/wR13ZWF2vZ

A man interrupted Biden’s N. Liberty event asking for advice on how to get his wife back. (Not sure if he’s from the same group that interrupted Yang a while ago.) Biden says they can talk after. When the man presses, Biden says “I’m starting to see why your wife left you.”

Selvig also showed up at an event for Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, apparently proposing to her.

A guy just proposed to Warren and asked for her to be his candidate then asked if she would talk to his friend who he said was an incel and hadn’t spoken to a woman before. She like others seemed perplexed. pic.twitter.com/MIHiazREd5

Selvig reportedly followed with an attempt to disrupt an event for Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg, but was escorted from the venue as soon as he was recognized.

Ok I swear this guy is following me. Iowa prankster Jason Selvig just sidled up next to me at a @PeteButtigieg event of 158 people! He was very quickly identified and escorted out by campaign staffers. I guess the gig is up. cc: @daveweigel https://t.co/ewEprXuIvy pic.twitter.com/1YproZoJS2