How You Can Play Your Best Round Of Golf In 2020 Thanks To This Rangefinder

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Where other outdoor sports might go into hibernation during the winter months, some of the best golf games are played right now from February to April. And if you’re looking for an excuse to go on a golfing trip to warmer states (whether that’s Arizona or Florida) or just get a deeper understanding of how pros do it, the best way to justify the cost of the plane ticket is to improve your own golfing game.

Of course doing so is usually easier said than done. After all, things like improving your address position and mastering your pitching take years of practice and hard work, but there are some quick and easy changes you can make right now that will have a tangible impact on your golf game right away, like picking up a rangefinder.

If you haven’t used a rangefinder before, it’s a device that measures the distance of a target from the observer, and it can be incredibly handy for both new and veteran golfers alike. It can be difficult to determine the correct distance between yourself and the hole, and making the wrong judgement can lead to cascading serious of mistakes as you choose the wrong iron, hit with too much/too little force, and so on.

Using something like this GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder can help you set up shots with much more accuracy. All you need to do is push a single button to immediately know the distance to the pin. It’s also incredibly lightweight, so you can wear it during games without it being a disruption to anyone else or yourself. If you’re looking to better understand how far you hit the last drive down the fairway, there’s no better gadget.

It also lets you know any club you just struck, so you get a more precise feel of the game and can select better clubs and shots. Plus, the rangefinder can last for up to five 18-hole rounds on a single charge, and it comes packaged inside a dust- and water-resistant cover, so you can trust it will keep up even through the most grueling days at the links.

You’re sure to develop a better eye for distance as you play more games, but when you’re first starting out or playing in unfamiliar territory, having something like the GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder can be a huge benefit.

You can use the device with both Android and Apple iOS devices: it syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and through the GoGolf App (supported in 35 languages), reporting in both audio and text so you’re always prepared, wherever you play.

You can find it here for $89.99, but use the code GOLFSAVE and you’ll drop the price down to just $54.99—that’s nearly 40 percent off the usual price!

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